Lei Jun Dong Mingzhu controversy did not talk about the patent problem

yesterday after the economic figures CCTV awards, a topic of concern is no longer like who won the prize, but millet Lei Jun of traditional economy and the Internet economy related to GREE Dong Mingzhu debate.

although Dong Mingzhu started talked about big data, but from Dong Zong’s speech, indeed on the Internet economy especially the lack of adequate understanding of Lei Jun millet, for example, Dong Zong repeatedly talked about millet no win, in fact, the difference between millet and GREE just production outsourcing or independent production, it’s just different enterprises choice and shall not win, both the pre estimate did not expect to debate on the Internet economy and the traditional economy.

Dong Mingzhu is confident of their truth, although GREE is the traditional home appliance manufacturers, but GREE’s development is really different from most Chinese appliance manufacturers, GREE air-conditioning in the patent layout is far more than the company, in 2012 GREE filed patents and authorization of high ranking China ninth, China is only the list of household electrical appliance enterprises, GREE currently has at home and abroad more than 6000 patents, including 1300 invention patent. Only in 2011 to apply for more than 1480 patents, an average of 4 patents a day. Perhaps GREE’s patents are not able to bring direct profits for the enterprise, but from the side of the GREE’s innovative strength, but also the future of sustainable profitability guarantee.

as the rise of new mobile phone millet company was founded only three years, although attaches great importance to the patent, the number of patent applications also is said to have thousands, but with GREE’s patent reserves difficult compared to global mobile phone, although the number of patents or quality not sure that bring direct economic benefits to the enterprise, but from APPLE to Samsung without core patent is not so much in the field of mobile phone, Google heavily in the acquisition of Moto for this purpose, in addition to ensure high profits but also because Qualcomm patent operation well, Microsoft Android mobile phone charges $2 billion a year from the patent fee reflects the value of patents, many core patent is the embodiment of information society enterprise innovation ability and strength, can GREE said in the air conditioning industry and millet position in the mobile phone industry is completely different.

of course not long-term development of enterprise patent protection, otherwise one day the fame of the Nokia and Moto will not be reduced to the fate of the acquisition, but how much is the foundation for long-term development of the enterprise core patent and must, in order to become the world’s leading enterprises, no core patent accumulation and guarantee the probability of almost zero. A little from the sales of HUAWEI’s patents and can also be further reflected, it should be said that the future of enterprise growth and the risk of short board, established only three years to make up for far more than millet in the more than and 20 years of the establishment of GREE, unless future millet abandon the hardware business.

Chinese mobile phone over the past 20 years of ups and downs, is the enterprise development is not standardized, market factors, not the core technology is fatal, especially in the era of intelligent mobile phone, the mobile phone has not only all competition itself, "

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