B2B website construction is a platform for enterprise development

The construction of

B2B website needs to set up a large enterprise to enterprise’s e-commerce platform. In the current B2B e-commerce website, the general will provide users with business information, communication information, the core function of the site is through the enterprise query information to achieve the interaction between enterprises. It is a bulk purchase trading platform production and trade enterprises to launch, mainly is to make full use of the product module and display the image of the page, and to release their products show the strength of enterprises to develop online orders trading platform, including corporate image, product management, orders, order tracking etc..

B2B is the exchange of products, services and information between enterprises and enterprises through the internet. At present, the pace of development of the Internet based on B2B is very fast, according to the latest statistics, in the early of the Internet B2B trading volume has far exceeded the amount of B2C transactions, in the next 5 years, B2B will reach 41% of the average annual growth rate, by 2004, global B2B Trading is expected to reach 7 trillion and 290 billion dollars.

traditional inter firm transactions tend to consume a lot of resources and time, regardless of sales and distribution or procurement must take up the cost of products. Through the B2B transactions between buyers and sellers can complete the online business processes, from the establishment of the first impression, the arrival of more than three, to bargain, signing and delivery, and finally to the customer service. B2B reduces transaction cost and management cost, reduces the cost of business. The convenience of the network and the extension of the enterprise to expand the scope of activities, the development of cross-border enterprises across the country more convenient and cheaper.

B2B is not only the establishment of an online trading group, it also provides a basis for strategic cooperation between enterprises. Any enterprise, no matter it has the strong technical strength or good business strategy, in order to achieve alone, B2B is completely impossible, in the era of the past, the establishment of alliances between enterprises has become the trend of development. The network causes the information to pass unimpeded, between the enterprise may through the network in aspect of market, product or business such as the establishment of complementary and mutually beneficial cooperation, forming a horizontal or vertical form of business integration, truly achieve the global logistics management model on a larger scale, a stronger strength, a more economical operation.

B2B is the beginning of e-commerce, its application will continue to develop and improve, and adapt to the needs of enterprises in all industries. At present, small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to set up their own websites, industry websites like B2B system network technology development in the domestic share has maintained the highest record, there are a large part of customers are gained in their own platform.

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