Want to improve the volume of online shops should start from the fundamental

today’s Internet, there are a lot of people use the Taobao platform earn his first pot of gold for himself, then it was dark soldiers motionless, ready to start. Like Taobao shop on the rapid growth of hundreds of thousands, can imagine how fierce the competition platform. As a result, the success of product promotion has become an important key point. Some sellers believe that the integrity of the transaction is the top priority, but today’s Internet alone, integrity is not enough. Use a plain words: when your product is good, no one knows it useful?; when your customer service is good, no one will know still useful? No one knows you are, how will


below to give you talk about how to improve the turnover rate should be done:

The promotion of

, a shop (focus): many articles said, must go to the forum, blog posting some place to promote their products, but I personally think that such free promotion effect is very little. If we really want to promote their products on the Internet, we have to study and research "VANCL" which is an Internet advertising to create their own brand, their own economic situation we have to pay attention to of course, I want to have eighty percent of the stores are personal, so we can choose some suitable place price to advertise their products. (personal opinion)

two, a lot of new sellers began to do online shop when I would like to think about how much I should sell a commodity, earn much, but often overlooked a very important thing, that is the source. Supply is good or bad is the basis for the opening of the store, the foundation is good to go behind the smooth progress.

three, some customers to poor, because the seller’s attitude is not good. There is no need for such a situation, the customer is God, we serve him, make him satisfied. This is what we should do.

four, let the customer in time to see the product page can fully understand the information of most of the goods, some customers because when you see the product page, not get information, so as to leave, wasted opportunity to clinch a deal. As described, the protection of these things should be very comprehensive to the customer to see, customers will think that the store is very structured. This raises the odds of a deal.

actually want to improve the turnover rate from the root of the start, like the promotion to do better, you know the store and know your products, the more people, the turnover rate will rise. See Taobao "package" is favored by the people, can you know for a few people know the shop, there is no effect, only you put their own shops and product promotion went out, and then use some tools that is "sometimes we should be a tiger with wings added," Analysis analysis of opponent or success is how to do, how can we use these successful experience, to create their first bucket of wealth for themselves. This article is from www.wz788.com station >

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