Domestic market O2O two new opportunities for Traditional Home Economics

during the national day, after a few domestic projects, are from the Internet companies launched from the Internet end cut into the domestic market. After watching some of the emotion: a lot of people think the Internet subversion of the traditional home economics, in my opinion, not subversion, but to bring a new opportunity for the traditional home of the two business. For the traditional intermediary some enterprising, reap the profit of asymmetric information is "danger", really want to do housekeeping business is more traditional game player, "".

one, the Internet makes the traditional home to find their own problems, and constantly optimize their services

2013, the rise of domestic O2O, network media continue to emerge out of the traditional domestic abuse of speech. These problems may be the industry "in the mountains", do not know the details, or already know, but do not want to change. Through the Internet, the naughty, long hidden problems exposed the world, insiders knew the chronic illness also have to get rid of the stage.

some people see the Internet raging like a storm crying wolf ". Is really a wolf "? People all know, home economics is non-standard services, its core services reflected in the domestic staff line provided home or home service. Most of the problems still remain on the Internet online information level, and did not touch the core experience of service. Housekeeping service if the core experience maintain and continuously improve, with the same Internet companies and the convenience in information level, allowing users and housekeeping services can through the Internet, saving time cost, reduce the threshold for access to information. So, instead of the traditional domestic Internet companies do not have the advantage.

two, Internet intervention to promote the industry’s social attention

for a long time, the domestic industry has not been widely recognized by the community, and there are still a lot of people simply understand the domestic service as a nanny. The O2O boom went on both sides of the Changjiang River, attracted wide attention, it seems that as long as the labeled "O2O" label, the industry will immediately become tall on. Domestic industry is no exception, all with the O2O on the relationship between the enterprise, the vast majority of the media and investors have received attention.

people are concerned about the rise of emerging models, but also to deepen the understanding of the industry. With the industry, discuss and solve problems continue to be exposed, the domestic industry and services are gradually accepted, Internet companies to accelerate the process of education market of the domestic industry, the traditional indirect help domestic enterprises to expand market.

three, the Internet platform revitalize the line resources to enhance the effective use of resources under the line

Internet platform for the integration of domestic resources and revitalize the line, mainly in: to the intermediary, direct docking housekeeping attendants and employers. The platform is a massive repository of information search, be arranged to meet the user orders, docking demand, even for the reputation of the domestic service implementing prepaid reservation. Two domestic O2O projects such as my current visit: Beijing and Shanghai thumb life lazy housekeeping.

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