Jingdong push OUs to the listed price risk control problems need to be solved



| Sun Hongchao

The latest

Jingdong to open a "white", makes people wonder and listing. After a few months ago to launch business Bei Jing Bao business, Jingdong will look to the consumer. In February 13th, the virtual credit card business based on the Internet financial Jingdong began to officially open beta ious. This means that Jingdong’s Internet banking layout began to enter the second phase.

Compared with

and possible future risks, may be as high as 10 thousand and 5 credits, relatively low interest repayment for Jingdong ious received extensive attention from this perspective, the value of the Jingdong.

"on account" will become the norm of


February 12th, the Jingdong officially announced its first credit payment products, Jingdong ". From the current situation, the Jingdong ious function and bank credit card is similar to that of the Jingdong will be through online real-time assessment of customer credit, IOUs users can get up to 15 thousand yuan credit line, the longest 30 days deferred payment or installment 3-12 months two consumer payment.

The biggest advantage of

Jingdong is a traditional bank ious fees low, according to the Jingdong, the Jingdong ious installment fee for each 0.5%, namely 3 fee for 0.5%× 3, and so on, the 12 fee is 6%, and the promotion period fee is 40 percent off. In the Jingdong ious business, the early acquisition of online banking online will play a huge role, the user needs to bind the bank card, and through online banking online payment manual. If more than the final repayment date, Jingdong will charge 3/10000 of the daily default. It is understood that on February 13th -14, the Jingdong will apply for the first Jingdong open beta ious qualification, the first beta will be open to 500 thousand Jingdong white places.

Credit payment system of

and Ali had once launched, the loan from Jingdong Jingdong. Its own funds in the consumer after the Jingdong does not advance funds, but will be included in accounts receivable. Jingdong consumer finance business director Xu Ling said that the Jingdong ious on consumption stimulates will form a positive impact, so the balance between the two, the Jingdong will not necessarily reduce the net cash flow.

may in the future, "on account" will become the norm.

financial running

Internet banking is becoming the most popular topic, several Internet giants are around this field start running. Tencent and Ali in the field of software in the taxi on the mobile payment secretly contest for a while, Jingdong also want to break the wrist in the field of personal finance and the balance of treasure. But the balance of treasure and aimed at different savings Jingdong, IOUs business mainly aimed at the consumer field. Earlier, the industrial and Commercial Bank of electronic shopping mall e melt in the shopping process, joined the financial functions of installment. Though there have been rumors that the next, Suning will push credit payment. It can be predicted that the future of electronic business platform, access to credit payment.


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