Taobao missed 10 years ago, and now do not miss the micro business

a lot of people regret, if I do early Taobao, maybe now he is also a millionaire. In fact, the opportunity for everyone is equal. However, some people caught on the success, and some people can only regret the missed.

missed, missed, in fact, there is no pity, you have to believe that there is a better miss waiting for you. Although, this is just a comforting words, however, some things are really like this, after the opportunity to seize the opportunity to.

a, chat Taobao

I just checked the Taobao was founded in May 1, 2003, that when he was at school, there is no computer, mobile phone can call, send text messages, but do not know why Taobao is anything, have not heard of.

I was in 2010 when the contact network, bought the first computer, at that time, I know there are Taobao. However, at that time only know that Taobao has to be able to shop. So, has been delayed for a few months did not open Taobao shop until 2011, the time of the year before the opening of the March and April.

at that time, really good to do Taobao, selling software, selling source code, sell QQ number, it is easy to earn hundreds of dollars a day. Moreover, in the Taobao sellers do not need to purchase online free, many things can be sold, such as some video tutorials, but also can buy others numerous sell.

since Taobao, I found that Taobao’s powerful, it can be said, as long as it is not illegal, what can be sold. It’s like chatting with each other, selling junk, selling walking, and so on. However, over the past few years, the development of Taobao has changed too much, small sellers really difficult to survive, do not transition ah.

can say that you want to sell goods on the Internet, the computer is best to drive a Taobao shop, because we all know that in the Taobao online shopping. Moreover, Taobao shopping is also very reassuring, customers receive the goods to confirm payment. However, this is exactly what the seller is worried about, encountered a few returns do not make money but also the loss of dozens of Yuan courier fees.

two, a derivative of

computer sellers Shao Lianhu blog and everyone said, the best to open a Taobao shop. However, mobile phone sellers we call micro business platform, and micro business sellers is the best micro shop. However, a lot of micro business sellers, the platform is also a lot of micro shop is my recommendation.

what is the micro business? Is not in WeChat sellers, who called micro business selling mask? Derivative, without a clear definition, I think is to sell in a variety of mobile phone platform on the micro business call. So, what is not derivative esoteric words, like a Taobao shop called Taobao mobile phone sellers, sellers called derivative.

computer sellers have to have a computer, open a Taobao shop. Micro business sellers, just need to have a smart mobile phone, download a WeChat or other mobile phone APP on it. >

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