Cloud 5 suggestions for enterprise network marketing

new year, still wish A5 had better, all the staff of family happiness! Along with the rapid development of Internet and the increase in the number of Internet users, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to network marketing, from the beginning of last year, still also continued to build over several small businesses of the company website and optimization work, from which today I found some problems, organize, in order to give some suggestions of small and medium sized enterprises.

network marketing has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, the investment costs are rising along with the recognition of the public. How to carry out the network marketing of small and medium enterprises more and more people pay more attention to, because I think the so-called network marketing and e-commerce must be small and medium enterprises in order to promote the development of the economy.

first, small and medium enterprises into the Internet marketing has a separate website is necessary, but not necessary. From the development of B2B.B2C platform, the website can see the decline of flourishing group purchase brand building is a very important thing, and Chinese today’s network environment is forcing us to have a strong brand and high reputation. The method of network marketing a variety of products, enterprise website is not necessary, the information platform for cooperation, marketing and so on is also a good choice, is the so-called: whether the cat can catch mice is a good cat


network marketing must have a clear product strategy. We have to know and understand the needs of the customer, choose their own consumer groups is the first step in marketing. For example: last year the company took over the Qinhuangdao, Qinhuangdao tourism accommodation booking for the main business, so their main customer base is the tourists to Qinhuangdao, after careful analysis we found that the Beijing Tianjin Tangshan region to travel through the online booking accommodation Qin is the main source of business, so we adjust the keywords of Qinhuangdao tourist accommodation to Qinhuangdao tourism accommodation for Beijing, Tianjin to Qinhuangdao tourism hotel, Tangshan Turisthotellet Qinhuangdao hotel reservation etc. key words more accurately, the purpose is to obtain more accurate customer flow.

third, small and medium enterprise network marketing must do more articles on the price". The Internet to collect information transparent and convenient to allow customers to easily get the Datong nature of the price of the company’s products, how to guide the customer to complete the transaction on its website, how to reflect the high cost of their price advantage and product, for small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing plays the role of a life-and-death matter. The price is not low in playing the price war, sales from products can be seen, the low price is a factor to promote sales, but it is not the main factor, and sales often purchase quantity, credibility, associated with greater product introduction and so on. This year the optimization of a Qinhuangdao indoor air testing governance website – Qinhuangdao environmental protection wood wind, when we put the site up after the discovery of the fundamental flow through careful study we No one shows any interest in, will determine the business license and other information displayed on the website, the result let >

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