360 browser wars 618 copy of the electricity supplier price Claudia

        with the development of the electricity supplier war, 618 years to promote the coming, unlike in the past, 360 browser at the same time, also launched a heavy price, let consumers through a simple function, you can see all the big platform price in a few seconds, to they bring real benefits.

    360 secure browser edition download address: http://s.down.360safe.com/se/360se6_6.1.0.383.exe


    360 secure browser Shopping Center Address: http://s.t.cn/zTEYh3p

(Figure 1)

        can be seen from the figure, 360 security browser parity function refreshing is simple, new egg, Amazon, shop No. 1, Yi Xun, suning.com business platform price at a glance, of course, if not the same commodity situation, will remind the "no goods".

(Figure two)

        360 security browser price alert function is unique, the reminding mode can be divided into two kinds, one is X fold below the reminder, one is XXXX yuan to remind, as long as consumers subscribe goods reached below the expected price, 360 security browser will pop up this suggests that greater help for the lazy consumers.


(Figure three)

    the feedback history of commodity prices, from the simple details can be seen in the 618 battle of the price of goods, in what circumstances, starting now is appropriate, it is more humanized service.

      in addition to these convenient and practical functions, 360 security browser and some small features, such as product discount reminder, ticket and group purchase price and so on, to copy the Claudia + personalized service seckill other comparison of product, convenient for users, but also saves the time of search for the user, from the trend, this is a manifestation of the Internet business driven economic progress, we also hope that the electricity supplier war can give more consumers affordable, in order to promote the development of the electricity industry.

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