Ali to become a supplier of quality after the ABB himself

news October 8th, the day before, ABB group announced its future strategic plan, including: ABB mining in the digital field of growth potential, strengthen brand building, promoting the operation and keep the power business.


According to

billion state power network to understand, this year, ABB B2B has business cooperation with ALI, Jingdong, has become the two purchasing platform provider. Main sales contacts, industrial products, switches and other industrial supplies fuse.


ABB said that in the future, ABB will build four more focused, market-oriented business division. Electrical products division, robotics and motion control division, industrial automation and power grid division.

billion state power network to understand, the four division of the newly formed ABB, will be formally implemented in 2017, the development of the details are as follows:

first, electrical products division: electric vehicle charging, solar, power quality business will be separated from the discrete automation and motion control department. In addition, ABB does not rule out investment means to promote the growth of the business unit.

second, and the robot motion control division: discrete automation and motion control business and industrial motor drive products, original ownership, and robot operations, robot and motion control division. In addition, ABB said that the Ministry will focus on emerging areas of asia.

third, industrial automation division: will replace the previous process automation business. In addition, ABB will promote digital in various industries. These industries, including pharmaceuticals, minerals, ships, oil and gas, ABB can be combined with industry experience, including maintenance, operation, control technology and other services.

fourth, grid division: ABB board of directors and the Executive Committee believes that the retention of ABB grid business. At the same time, it believes that ABB grid business products, systems, software and services, will provide strong support for digital transformation. In addition, ABB launched for the division of the "Power Up" plan, the plan will strengthen the core operation ability, focus on high growth markets and enable digital services and software development and other measures to further promote business growth, increase their income levels.

ABB aspects of the introduction of the relevant digital, ABB Ability cloud platform through the new and existing end to end digital technology, intelligent devices in the cloud platform to achieve closed-loop interconnection, to win market space. In addition, Microsoft will also work with the depth of the development of the next generation digital solutions. At the same time, ABB hired networking experts Guido Jouret since October 1st as the group’s chief digital officer.

Shi Bifu, chief executive officer of

ABB group, said: in the past two years, ABB>

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