The coming winter electricity supplier website ready to coat

e-commerce platform in China’s rapid development, but in this rapid development trend, there are many deficiencies in the electricity supplier website. Fierce competition in the electronic business platform, a home development model is also not the same, but a home can not meet the needs of users, a serious impact on the development trend of the electricity supplier website.

some time ago Taobao injured city events just to fall, to the development of the electricity supplier website has also brought great influence; Jingdong mall supplier conference also said to catch up with Taobao in 5 years; group purchase website also more intense competition, the collapse of the group purchase website is also not uncommon; it seems website of business of winter approaching, I do not know whether the site has been a home appliance for yourself for the winter coat, a highly competitive market environment, if you can not overcome the winter, you will face is to be eliminated.

electronic business platform is indeed an immeasurable prospect, which is also the first big fat stare, but this piece of fat is not so easy to eat. The development of the electricity supplier website really want to spend a fierce winter, adding social model is indispensable. The survey on 23 social networking site Sociable Labs, the electricity supplier website 50% users from Facebook, this data is a reminder of the electricity supplier businesses, in order to have an advantage over others, try the business platform and the social plug-ins combined with development, is also a good thing. Now the social media development speed is amazing, the electricity supplier website can be based on the social networking site data show that the design of social personality in their business site, in order to draw users for their own social transformation of users, so as to make it become their own clothes, spend the coming winter.

Jingdong mall in the 5 years after the release of Taobao to catch up with the remarks, and the release of the next day from the date of the order of less than 39 members of the order of $5 shipping fee charged by 25 yuan on. This has been the use of free shipping Jingdong, could be a big challenge, but also may cause users shouting, but this approach is also conducive to the sustained development of the electricity supplier website. In the past few years, although sales of Jingdong mall is ideal, but did not bring any benefits to the Jingdong, such as free service may cause poor things, no great reputation for himself, but reduced their reputation in the industry, this is the lost wife of another soldier. Now not to say whether the Jingdong in more than 5 years of Taobao, the trend of the development of the electricity supplier is not everyone can be expected, but if the Jingdong can not change the current mode of operation, to 5 years to catch up with Taobao, this winter is not the past.

the arrival of winter is not only electricity supplier website required "cotton", the group purchase industry also officially Chinese in hot water state. Today, the site was forced to close the group purchase is chilling, Volume 24 volume run, more than 1000 sites have not updated commodity 5000 group purchase site, or has been revised closed, this phenomenon means that the China group purchase myth has ended, leaving.

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