Sit on the sidelines of the crisis and the fall of beauty

in recent months, the hottest Internet China is a large number of group purchase website rise, the other side of the ocean the success of Groupon, a large number of Internet Chinese quickly ignited the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, to Wang beauty group as the representative of the F group, handle follow, and several group purchase website CMS appeared. A large number of grassroots entrepreneurs also reduce barriers to entry, it is said that now the group purchase website has nearly 1000, and more group purchase websites are emerging, and even a special group purchase navigation station, is really a flourishing


behind this prosperity, it is threatened by growing crises


crisis 1: group purchase site will become active or passive business to business and child care industry understanding degree, group purchase website


looked at NetEase’s interview with Wang Xing, NetEase asked, what is the criteria for the selection of good products, Wang Xingda: we choose the site of the first businesses have to fly, and then the price is very favorable". I think there will be a natural beauty to choose whether businesses rely on an "approach, but one industry how deep the water is, how many consumer Maoni, did not do this industry outsider is difficult to suddenly understand, take Beijing photography group purchase, as far as I know, Beijing business registration photography a conservative estimate of more than 1300 businesses, the newly established and every year there are many failures, it can be said is not the same size, uneven in quality, the user before buying, group purchase to the website studio and photography studio scale, reputation, time of establishment, founder, quality, reputation, service ability, to understand the influence of the industry at this time, group purchase website to play a gatekeeper role; users after the order, may be tricky consumption place: makeup, choose jewelry, clothes, the late selection of films, film And so on, there may be some contradictions and disputes between customers and businesses, then need to buy the site involved in mediation, then the site should play the role of a consumer consultant, in order to ensure the satisfaction of users. If you buy a site in a group of major errors occurred, complaints continue, it will bring a fatal blow to the trust of the site. Perhaps then unable to get up after a fall. From this point of view, a professional website will give users more trust.

crisis 2: on the group to buy the original price and the number of

One of the features of

group purchase website is, group purchase of local services are, rather than objects, which is different from Taobao’s place, such as beauty, hairdressing, photography, pedicure, yoga, and these services have in common is the price elasticity is large, this is also the reason may give consumers a greater discount however, if the original price artificially high, although given a big discount, but consumers do not get real benefits, and even customers directly to the store consumption I could have such a discount, it becomes fraud, so the business of group purchase website must give the original thorough investigation, to avoid the occurrence of such a situation.

on the number of buy, see some of the site to buy the site, the number of participants on the 4, a total of 5 people, thousands of people,

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