Grassroots electricity supplier upgrade brand value creation

Note: the Taobao

shop is grassroots differentiation in some upgrades, There was no parallel in history., some in the sink, at this point, put forward the concept of grassroots business with [Aaron] upgrading the electricity supplier, this will be the theme of the next three years the trend of the electricity supplier


text / Feng Huakui

subtitle: a grassroots electricity supplier, how to understand the brand this thing

a group of people with high IQ, why do you want to do things


customer price from 70 yuan to upgrade to $170, what needs to be done?

looks like only in front of a number of 1, but it is for the "1", INMIX sound meters glasses boss Li Ming, under two years of hard work.

why did you say that Li Ming is a small boss? Because he is four years younger than me, but have succeeded in putting a small shop to make annual sales of about 20000000 of the whole network in the first category of its own brand.

two years ago, Li Ming on behalf of the school year will with seven foot, he discovered that the original business really is not thought so simple thing, the so-called simple, Li Ming’s wife is relying on his family’s glasses factory advantage, open a shop in Taobao, leisure life sellers two do not mistake.

before Li Ming, still thinking about how to write a book to let fans Youchi ganchangcunduan emotional novels, he won a prize in the "sprout" new concept writing contest, is the electricity supplier shocked Li Ming decided to 38, personally trader wife this store, but in the words of Li Ming, we have some literati. Gao, he in the media university communication professional, if business is selling goods, boring, a group of highly intelligent people, why do hard things? If you are engaged in advanced productivity trend, revolutionary, and do the brand, for high added value.

so, the way to upgrade a grassroots store, so germination.

phrase dreamer awoke

brands who want to do, the problem is how to do? Li Ming still confused, knowing that the future is bright, but can not start. At this time, the class president sent on behalf of the school of business, a brand of expert speech, suddenly let Li Ming open. This person is Lv Xi, immersed in the brand marketing for more than ten years, the last two years to do a number of Internet brand communication case.

Lv Xi brand syllogism is this:

first step: choose value. The needs of consumers are all kinds of things, you can not be satisfied, choose a direction you want to do.

second step: provide value. What do you need to do to achieve the value of your choice?.

third step: the spread of value. Spread out their own brand ideals, more consumers to accept.

Li Ming listen to this idea

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