Net exposure Guangzhou Uber headquarters was closed City Commission overnight response check

April 30th, the message says: "Guangzhou city of industry and commerce, transportation, public security joint action against alleged illegal business organization black Uber Guangzhou branch, the scene seized thousands of Iphone mobile phone. This was Guangzhou’s brother a Wuqi out "


tonight at 11:20, Shijiaowei official statement said: "recently, to ensure the market operation clean safe and orderly, the city law enforcement departments of undocumented illegal acts carried out special combat, including the combination of transportation industry, the illegal operation of unlicensed cases investigated. Yesterday, city of industry and commerce, public security, transportation and other departments joint law enforcement, law enforcement inspection on an alleged failure to industrial and commercial registration formalities, private vehicles do not have the qualifications of the operators in the business activities of enterprises, the related management tool of a batch of mobile phone terminal and other items suspend processing. The investigation is ongoing."

this way, Shijiaowei explain: the State Department of transportation has been clear, all kinds of "car" software company shall abide by the rules of transportation market, prohibit private car access platform to participate in the operation; where the use of private cars in the private car rental service social vehicles, are suspected of illegal operations, the city Department of transportation will the punishment according to law. Shijiaowei said in a statement: "transportation law enforcement only distinguish legal operation and illegal operation, illegal operations to disrupt the transport market, the Guangzhou traffic enforcement departments always keep the pressure regulation situation, no mercy."


constitutes an illegal operation depends on the acquisition of enforcement evidence, rather than on the form in which it is expressed." Shijiaowei said in a statement, Guangzhou two urban traffic law enforcement departments have been seized from the use of mobile phone software or illegal business case in the recent routine law enforcement, traffic law enforcement departments shall be fined 30 thousand yuan. For individual network operators suspected of violating the state expressly provides for all types of business behavior, the relevant law enforcement departments will be investigated and dealt with in accordance with their respective duties and strict law enforcement.


statement also revealed that the city Department of transportation has noticed that the traditional taxi service form a single, can not meet the public service level varies, diversified and differentiated demand for travel, travel to better solve the contradiction, Guangzhou city is also studying the use of the Internet platform launched innovation about car rental service, is the Internet platform of social enterprises good negotiation, the common use of new technology, provide high quality legal services for the public to travel.

Municipal Communications Commission called on the hope that each engaged in the transport of units, individuals in accordance with the laws and regulations of the state to carry out production and management activities. We will work together to maintain a legitimate and normal transport order, and we hope that the public will understand and support. (Guangzhou Daily reporter correspondent Liu Ranran traffic announcement)

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