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Internet arena never calm, because in this arena, every enterprise is in riding a boat behind. Whether it is search, electricity providers, or security, instant messaging, or O2O, Internet banking, in each segment, basically only remaining about three or even more – game player, "winner of extreme".

therefore, fighting is always the theme of the industry. To the electricity supplier, for example, after years of price wars, tear force war, now the mainstream left Ali, Jingdong, suning.com, vip.com, Gome online and a few. If the electricity supplier industry will remain relatively stable pattern in a certain period of time? It seems that the answer is no demon in the soil, instead more in the second half, even near the end, the battle between the electricity supplier competition will become increasingly fierce. No exaggeration to say that every festival will be a bloody battle. This does not, with the arrival of the May Day holiday, Jingdong and the United States online two old friends, and dry up.

appliances have electricity supplier Jingdong Gome online 51 battle planes

a little understanding of China’s Internet industry will know that the war between the electricity supplier in the field is the largest. This is because the electricity supplier not only from the money and goods recently; and it also belongs to the transaction, the price has become one of the most sensitive factors; at the same time, the business enterprise made the strongest double eleven Festival, 618, have become the industry’s grand festival.

along with the 51 small holiday approaching, the battle between the electricity supplier started again, the main category is home appliances. The reason is very simple, after entering in May summer is coming soon, and the summer is natural including air conditioners, refrigerators and other household appliances, sales season; in addition, the highest price of household appliances as a business category accounted for one of the largest category, has always been the focus of business enterprise competition, and even some people shouted out "their home appliances get electricity supplier".

for home appliances, Gome online, Jingdong, suning.com three different attitude. Jingdong 3C fortune and extended to the whole category of home appliances and home appliances, has become the most important category of 3C; and for the United States online originated in the home appliance, used to describe the lifeblood of home appliances is also not an exaggeration; attitude is more ready to accept either course is suning.com, which also coveted appliances attempt to encroach on the supermarket business, make ends meet. Therefore, the 51 appliance war, from the previous three kingdoms into a Jingdong and Gome online battle planes.

This is the first

war Jingdong launched in April 20th, ahead of Jingdong opened a "51 appliances storm", known as the promotional efforts to surpass last year’s double eleven, will be in the promotion period for the user issuing billions of coupons. Just over 2 days, Gome online also pointedly launched the "51 headlines: peak cheap in the United States" promotional activities, is going to issue a total value of 2 billion yuan cash coupon. It is not difficult to see, in the face of Jingdong intrusion to its core battlefield, Gome online reflects the "Sike" spirit, Jingdong and Gome online or for the majority of users.

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