Price of 228 yuan, the voice search only need to press the glory box voice release

in December 12, 2015, and the 2015 anniversary of star glory glory, glory in one fell swoop for consumers to bring the intelligent voice 4K box, Pro box voice glory glory, glory Wi-Fi routing treasure three smart single product wall. As for the glory of a new generation of TV box, glory box voice price of only 228 yuan, has found quick, watch movies cool, Gao Yan value characteristics, will be held on January 14, 2016 at the HUAWEI mall, mall first sale of Jingdong.


at the same time, in the glory of the two anniversary celebration, HUAWEI HiLink program – HUAWEI smart home strategy officially released. Facing the present situation of intelligent Home Furnishing industry broken, fragmented, and in the future HUAWEI friends have ideas, give full play to advantages of communication technology, focus on connection, in the independent foundation network chip, open source HiLink protocol & Huawei LiteOS system. The identity of the third party, I hope through the interconnection (HiLink), advanced technology (Huawei LiteOS) sharing ability to connect with the industry, service providers and intelligent hardware vendors to connect the cloud, together with the leading brand of many vertical industries, build an open intelligent ecological Home Furnishing.

based on HUAWEI HiLink program – HUAWEI smart home strategy, the glory of the layout of the smart home ecosystem. A new generation of intelligent voice 4K box voice box in the premise of maintaining the glory, glory box 4K decoding performance advantages, with its own power supply design, more compact body, light color style, can be more natural to integrate the Home Furnishing environment, is the first to support HUAWEI HiLink protocol TV box. In particular, the mention of the value, the glory of the box voice joined a powerful voice features, greatly enhance the search speed and intelligent interactive experience.

voice search, just one press

glory box voice as the glory of the first to support voice interactive home entertainment equipment, opened a new experience in smart home. Users do not need to re search the first letter of the alphabet Pinyin, want to see how, want to see what, just say it out, the elderly and children can easily get started.


compared to ordinary TV box, a box of voice glory according to the voice search function is fast and convenient, can search online video content through the title, director, actor name, support more intelligent voice control function, the release of more potential TV box. Just one click to say "Nirvana in Fire", "Hu Ge starred in the TV series", "director Stephen Chow’s movie", "Nirvana in Fire seventh sets", or "stop", "rewind / into 10 minutes and 25 seconds, 30 seconds / rewind", "open" market "etc. voice commands, bright glory box voice can easily identify, accurate response, the perfect solution for smart TV film Search slow, difficult problem of operation. God more

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