nterpretation of how electricity supplier prices to appease our consumers


with the price rising, the enterprise needs to face the production cost, labor cost, site operating costs are rising, in this case commercial enterprises are only two ways: to reduce the cost of products or prices. But to cut costs means to compromise on quality. So many electricity supplier companies have chosen to raise prices. However, with the price of the product, the electricity supplier companies are also faced with the loss of people’s hearts, angered consumers, and finally your consumers will leave you. However, if you can establish a set of perfect strategy can reduce the impact even in advance, so that consumers are more loyal to you, the author in this paper to talk about the business enterprise in the face of price increases, how to maximize comfort our consumers.

1, give our consumers a reasonable explanation and justification

first, our site will give consumers an apology and explanation, why? "Will go to the people have no justifiable reason for the war", so we apologize to consumers to give reasons for full explanation, let them know the price of business difficulties and secret sorrow why this commodity prices, and why your product the value for consumers to spend some money to buy. For example: in order to improve the quality of products for more high-quality products, non-toxic raw materials, which has led to rising prices; or the cost of production related industries increased, supplier price increases, the retailer was forced to raise prices; we can also start from the other additional services, rather than to provide more quality services, shipping, customer service and so on in 24 hours; or we use what strategy, we all as far as possible to let consumers understand our prices at reasonable prices, rather than profiteers free prices.

2, ahead of the possibility of price increases

We see that

will give consumers before starting one or bright or dark hints in any of the electricity supplier marketing strategy, for consumers to have certain mental preparation to accept, relates to the product price this thing is even more money. In this regard, we should give consumers a hint before the price rise, with the consumer in advance to say hello. At the same time, we can also analyze the consumer to reflect the price information to further optimize the price strategy.


, as pictured above, barber shops, because of the increase in the amount of hair during the Spring Festival, coupled with some employees to go home, the labor shortage. So the store to put up the pre alert. Let the consumer have a transitional stage, but also can promote the present demand. Because when consumers know that prices will rise, it will advance the purchase of goods.

3, offer old customer discount or discount

old customers than new customers for the site’s contribution is greater, and the biggest price increases may be the site of the old customers, so we first need to appease some of our old customers. We can

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