Analysis how to do e-commerce

Bill · Gates once said: "do not do e-commerce in twenty-first Century, there will be no business can be." Now it seems that this sentence is gradually being fulfilled. With China’s largest foreign trade electricity supplier in the Lanting Pavilion market in the New York City, the strong icebreaker, China’s e-commerce has gradually been optimistic about abroad, which brings us a kind of confidence and motivation. I think, because our country is a large population, so the hidden opportunities of e-commerce should be the largest. So what should be done in e-commerce


pre theoretical preparation is necessary

to do e-commerce, must first understand what is electronic commerce? Although for insiders, the electronic commerce has the very image without explanation, but for the industry people? So many people now want to do e-commerce, people because of the complexity of the understanding of e-commerce uneven. The industry’s definition of e-commerce, e-commerce usually refers to a wide range of business around the world trade activities, the Internet and open network environment, based on Browser / server applications, both buyers and sellers are not met for various business activities, a new business model between consumers online shopping merchants, online transactions and online electronic payment and a variety of business activities, trading activities, financial activities and related service activities. E-commerce is the use of computer technology and network communication technology business activities.

do or outsource?

visible, to do e-commerce, not only to understand the micro computer technology, but also to understand the network communication technology, but at present our country is the lack of talent. This allows to do e-commerce crowd resonates: "do it yourself? Or outsourcing?" yes, they do can be assured and accurate, investment spending is quite large, if they do not have technical advantages in this aspect, it is useless, so is the best choice for business outsourcing. This is also the reason for the rapid development of e-commerce services industry in recent years.

however, in addition to a choice is directly in the existing business platform, but because in recent years, Tmall platform occupancy costs soaring, more and more people are willing to make money for others, so more and more people take the independent mall, independent shop road, this article is mainly for this part of the crowd.

if you choose outsourcing, I want to remind everyone that we must choose the most suitable for their own services, if you want to build online shopping platform you will find the mall system providers, such as 366EC distribution system, dual shop system and so on according to different requirements, different platform setting, is a good guide demand shunt. If you have a shopping platform, is a post operation promotion feel trouble, then find the business operation outsourcing company dedicated, professional team will be much higher than your own accidentally efficiency.

platform operation link

of course, most people will choose the mall system service providers, and then their own operations management. Mall platform

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