Cold B2B brokers biographies

, winter

After the listing of

Alibaba, Ma had made such an explanation for the reasons for financing. In the eyes of Ma, 2008 is a tough year for Alibaba, this year, to be ready for the winter".

in spite of this, this judgment does not stop the venture capital investment in B2B (businesstobussiness) e-commerce enthusiasm. From April, JAFCO Asia and NIFSMBC (Daiwa Securities and Sumitomo Mitsui bank direct investment department) two private equity funds and three overseas listed companies $30 million, voted for a Guangzhou B2B e-commerce company – global market (GlobalMarket). Such a market, with the capital reserve of the B2B company, whether the tone?

positioning high-end

founder Xu is a toy company, the main business is to Europe and the United States toy company to do OEM (OEM). For these B2B sites, his feelings are: due to sub grade, the quality of the supplier is uneven, buyers can not distinguish. Although there is a website to provide certification services provider, and accordingly charged expensive fees, but in his view, even if the company won the gold qualification of the company will not be too special treatment.

in fact, a small order issued abroad, often dozens, hundreds of Companies in the competition. On the B2B website, suppliers to obtain enquiries (a direction of trading with each other about trading conditions, said a transaction wishes) mostly by the system mass, cause we are in that price.

as a global market group’s founder and President, when Ling Feng early entrepreneurs trying to cut into the market, but the change of direction, aimed at the global market of each industry in the "high value and high profit return customers. That is only a "niche market".

and Xu Xu similar reasons, Ling Feng believes that too many suppliers, while buyers are particularly sensitive to the price. Therefore, from the multitude Chinese enterprise talent shows itself get the order, the main competition is the price".

then at that time, the 30 year old young people are not willing to blindly into the bureau.

1995, Ma is trying to sell his Chinese yellow pages, Ling Fenggang into fair practice. Ling was doing the job is to find customers for the Canton Fair exhibitors list, his performance accounted for 70% of the entire advertising sector. Two years later, he created the name was also called Chinese enterprise network B2B website, which is China’s first B2B site, Ma Yun was founded in 1999, Alibaba website." Ling Feng said.

, however, such a "first" did not bring the first mover advantage for the global market. In fact, since then, the Alibaba quickly became the eyes of the stars, the global market is still struggling to explore.

"I admit I missed a good chance. 1999 fusion

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