DYLCCC film building network marketing oriented website design

I think we all know that people on the Internet are either playing games or shopping or looking for information. Today I want to talk about the idea of buying things on the internet. And how to use the guidance of the web site design marketing.

why do you buy things online, after all, the performance of the site – the price is much easier than real life shopping. In the majority of people on the Internet to buy things must be more than three or even more than home.

because of this there is no causal relationship between traffic and sales. E – commerce is the emphasis on the quality of traffic at the same time, the quality of the flow can eventually be converted into shopping customers.

guides visitors into customers. On the web to guide visitors to buy money can not be used in the same way as in real life to induce them. We can only induce them to buy our products in words and pictures. This requires a guide to the website structure and strong copywriting.

first, we want to target customers design website

when a IP comes to your site. What should you do to attract target traffic so that visitors can take action. Let her immediately heart. Put it in the shopping cart. Then put the button in the shopping cart to be large enough to be conspicuous. Clear enough. Color is outstanding. If you want the browser to pick up the phone and order it immediately your website will be the most prominent place to contact or float even if contact. This is very important to seize the customer’s heart and eyes. Don’t allow the viewer to think about what to do next. Like promotions and bound sales must be placed on the head of the site. Near the site will have to move in the heart. Pay attention to the details of these conversions.

two, we must have strong enough to convince the text

just said the Internet to sell things than the reality of saliva. Selling on the Internet is a matter of cost and expense. Rely on text content to convince visitors to buy things. The user can’t see you are honest and dishonest. How warm the expression. How sincere. We all have to be persuasive through strong words. First of all, we want to be attractive. Let the visitors have the desire to see. For example; site clearance sale buy two get like this let a person look after look inside the desire. The title draws in. The following depends on our writing ability. A good and strong ability to persuade the text of the article, it allows users to be persuaded unknowingly. Willing to pay for the purchase.

three, the purchase process must be convenient

when a visitor put the product into the shopping cart. This means that we turn the browser into the target customer has been half the success. In the choice of shopping cart program we have to consider the convenience of users inconvenient. Is not to be able to log in the items into the shopping cart, we have to consider good. If it is a log in after the goods can be put into the shopping cart I think there will be a lot of visitors to give up >

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