Chinese operators profit high Medium level

as I write an article on the "global telecom operators in Chinese heavy layout" what? When I made some comparison between the profits of operators, the intention is to say, operators want to maintain high profits. But the high profit does not mean that black, should not be some of the profits on behalf of black, there is a difference between the essence and logic.

results in the comments to swear a commonplace talk of an old scholar scene appeared, or operators like black.


operator or black is not black, should be the results of real data, put it in front of everyone, is fair, according to the factual judgment, otherwise, what is the difference with the shrew? So I think, as an outsider, to science, China operators tariff, what a state.


more than 7 times less than the user profit of 2 times

believes that the results of most people come from intuitive experience, but we might as well look at the rational data.

said from a sample of the case, China Mobile is the world’s largest operator of users, but also the highest profit carriers. But we need to pay attention to some of the features: in the top 500 in the higher ranked companies, such as NTT DoCoMo (32), AT& (34; T), VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS (48) and so on several major, contrast objects should not be China Mobile, but should be Chinese China Telecom and China unicom.

why? Because China Mobile is China Mobile, the Mobile Corporation has no "fixed" business basically, only a railway is still a super money, do not belong to the listed company report. But we tend to compare these companies, are all business operators.

what would be the result if we split up and compare?

I chose VerizonWireless to compare with China Mobile. Because the company, which is the latest Verizon Communication bid $130 billion acquisition of a subsidiary of the company’s shares, pure mobile operators. The most comparable type of business with China Mobile.

The two companies are known as the

operator, we assume that Verizon Wireless will undertake the universal service policy task is very serious, the land area of almost, so investment in the construction of hardware cost of similar – Telecom equipment manufacturers will not be because you Bimei RMB yuan cheaper, even if a discount, also can sell you a $20 thousand the equipment of 20 thousand yuan, this is common sense. In fact, China Mobile’s basic network infrastructure investment, higher than the Verizon Wireless, which is the basic reality, even if the Verizon Wireless 4G is the case, the world

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