Dong Wenbiao said People’s livelihood electricity supplier, why follow Ali

August 1st, Minsheng e-commerce company news, allegedly, Minsheng electronic commerce limited liability company will be registered in Qianhai, subscribed capital of 3 billion yuan, this is the first domestic and commercial banks formed the corresponding relationship between the silver business enterprises in close cooperation.

According to

recruitment Minsheng e-commerce Limited liability company information, the company seeks to build small and micro based on customer demand, the integration of e-commerce and financial activities, to achieve first-class market trading platform chain efficient matching based, provide perfect information platform, service platform, matchmaking platform integrated platform, market maker business and financial services to small and micro enterprises and individuals.

data show that the promoters of Chinese Minsheng Bank’s seven major state-owned shareholders and non Minsheng Asset Management Company Limited, the person in charge of the seven companies were Dong Wenbiao, Liu Yonghao, Guo Guangchang, Shi Yuzhu, Lu Zhiqiang, Zhang Hongwei. It is reported that Yin Long, deputy director of the CBRC regulatory innovation will serve as general manager of the company.

a bunch of chiefs how to get together to engage in a financial electricity supplier?

recently, the author and Dong Wenbiao (Minsheng Bank Chairman), the exchange of Yin Long, the conversation is exactly how to look at how people’s livelihood e-commerce, how to see the impact of the Internet on the traditional banking sector and other topics.

business no dead angle: how do you see the impact of financial e-commerce on traditional banking


Dong Wenbiao: e-commerce finance is very strong, for example, all purchases are completed by third party payment, this is no problem. But it is, after all, a process of circulation.

in addition, it is not enough professional. Financial e-commerce is still not comparable with the bank. The professional ability of banks is relatively strong. Like the banks engage in this business, it is difficult to engage in ma. Another policy is not allowed. Therefore, Ma engage in electronic banking, the impact will not be too great for me.

business no dead ends: how to do the livelihood of the people to do e-commerce


Dong Wenbiao: My E – commerce is not the same as that of Ma Yun. Because Ma road that we can never catch up. I want to follow his business model can never keep up with him. So we have to create a new business model.

Minsheng Bank in the future there will be a major breakthrough in the field of expertise. One is that we have the financial advantage, around the bank to consider doing e-commerce finance. Second, we will have a major breakthrough in a professional in the future. For example, small and micro enterprises, my e-commerce is mainly for small and micro enterprises, I am very professional, not everyone can be on the.

in addition to other financial business platform landing to collect the rent, the future of small and micro enterprises landing on my platform I do not charge rent, I am free, I profit through other profit models. There is a small piece of financial business, which is the other financial

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