LV hand Ali fake hermes rushed to enter the Tmall Alliance

Hermes group’s luxury brand "up and down" will be on-line in March of this year Tmall. In recent years, Ali fake sincerity and achievement has been outside cognition.

In January 16th,

, LV and other 20 brands to become Alibaba big data alliance "fake founding member". Three days later, also announced that it will launch in March this year, Tmall’s luxury brand Hermes group "up and down". In recent years, Alibaba fake sincerity and achievement has been outside cognition, the value of its brands in commercial value at the same time, also hope to get rapid development in a more fair and more protected environment.


January 19th, "art director and CEO Jiang Qionger of the United States authoritative fashion media WWD said on the platform", in cooperation with Tmall so mature is conducive to the future development of the brand, do not worry about counterfeit goods on the platform, because the best strategy is to open a shop to obtain legal authorization, more updated products in order to guide consumers to contact, always ahead of counterfeiters.

Jiang Qionger also said, "up and down" and the Alibaba established a good relationship, also believe that the China giant electricity supplier sincerely to fulfill his promise to eliminate fakes, "this is a team, Ali is very clear on this point."

in recent years, Tmall has ushered in Burberry, Estee Lauder, La Mer, Lancome, Sisley, Sisley and many other European luxury brands, both in the development of commercial value, but also focus on counterfeiting and intellectual property protection to carry out close cooperation.

to LV, for example, relying on Alibaba big data system, was successfully investigated out of Huang Moumou, who is the backbone of the 4 gangs. In September 2015, the Guangzhou police crackdown and Alibaba commandos together, expand the net action of the scattered 4 Gang unity in different regions of Guangzhou. This action has arrested 7 suspects, destroyed production, sales, warehousing, logistics 6 dens, and seized fake leather 2 production lines and a large number of fake LV leather, and all kinds of finished and semi-finished products, more than 6000 pieces, worth nearly billion yuan.

in addition to LV, SWAROVSKI, Shiseido, hukill group and other high-end luxury brands in the layers of screening, in January 16th to become the first Alibaba big data anti-counterfeiting coalition members are committed to relying on big data and Internet technology, make fake more powerful and more efficient, more transparent, more in line with the construction of a new order of the new era of knowledge production protection requirements.

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