A home Jingdong super brand day sales 106 million

A Home Furnishing Jingdong super brand 51 Carnival feast on the perfect ending, online and offline force to help A home sales break million, of which the Jingdong platform three days sales of 40 million, the line A Home Furnishing brand store sales of 66 million, a total of 106 million. The success of the event thanks to the strategic layout of the A O2O family, the 26 series of online and offline unified retail price, open up the upstream and downstream value chain, this may bring the greatest benefits for consumers.





A home and Jingdong together to build a strong brand day, has important strategic significance. Jingdong as a quality furniture sales platform for A Home Furnishing tailored convenient sales channels, the cooperation of the Jingdong’s visibility and popularity for A Home Furnishing brand promotion fueled with A home Home Furnishing big brand big communication idea. At the same time, the A super brand, 26 series of more than 100 products fully on-line, so that consumers have more choices for the family to buy furniture; A based company launched the first ten million yuan subsidy resources, reproduction of freezing the price, so the real common benefit consumers. The A Home Furnishing strength and enrich the Jingdong Rangli policies Home Furnishing plate, allowing consumers to experience the purchase of furniture in the Jingdong’s pleasure and convenience, the joint Jingdong Home Furnishing plate bigger and stronger, to achieve win-win strategy! The activities to achieve the visits of up to 3247361 and 5802310 of the traffic.



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in addition to the use of Jingdong sales platform, A home stores under the line of work, is an important battlefield of the super brand day. A focus on the brand effect, put the more than and 100 high-speed rail advertising, help super brand day, while all the dealers to participate in a wide range of hundreds of thousands of stores to achieve unity of the city, the online and offline echoes of enthusiastic situation.






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