Foxconn launched the Flying Tigers two shortcomings fade

saw a blog and receive tiger Tesco mail into the site for more than a minute in micro-blog, so with the tiger Tesco and Jingdong competition still have a distance. It is precisely because of this, only to see the Foxconn flying tigers". Tiger Tesco is Foxconn’s B2C platform, on August 1, 2010 officially on the market to provide B2C services Chinese. Just on the line that network, the media for this has a strong background in the site are very good, and now, after a lapse of two months today, as an ordinary user to pick prick, incentive there is progress!

Flying Tigers in the context of Foxconn, has the advantages of all aspects. First, the electronic commerce, supply occupied a very important position in which good sources can let customers, conversely, can let the customer "gone" and there will be a lot of customer service problems, waste of resources but also to keep the customer impression, and Fuji Yasuku is the global foundry enterprises and have a good relationship with the digital home appliances, this one has an absolute advantage; second, who is the boss of Foxconn? Terry Gou, Taiwan’s richest man, do e-commerce is burn things, early e-commerce really want to quickly make money is very difficult, but do B2C, as it is now Dangdang, excellence, not much money, so we must have strong financial support as the turnover, so in this one, of course, is not too large; third, promotion. The success of e-commerce cannot do without the promotion, Foxconn’s reputation, which we all know, not only because some things, and this is a big brand enterprise in fact, Foxconn’s products, with media reports also discussed the value, value, or small pen now will not write here a tiger Tesco article……

of course, the absolute advantage of not only these, but these are small pen I picked his thorn, "the high expectations of you, is disappointed" people often have this kind of mentality, it is because of this kind of mentality, in the eyes of the small tiger Tesco in some areas there are still insufficient place.

network promotion poor

tiger Tesco is Foxconn company’s website, but the Internet people know, the media know the user? It is independent of the site after all, how to let people know that a web presence, and this site is Foxconn as the background advantage?! take the guest to say, every guest in a few short years up to now has become a symbol of the industry, the marketing team can not be ignored, from the bus stop on the line to advertising, advertising websites and software used in advertising, it can be said that we are not in, and the bus station advertising is also derived VANCL style. The website is in knowing where the Internet kuso. To view tiger Tesco, well, very quiet! Website promotion is necessary to survive,


price advantage

look at the picture:


tiger Tesco as a foundry enterprise under the network.

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