1000+ star shops 2 fold purchase to help the United States online platform anniversary

March 25th, "home appliances online shopping has the reputation of" king of the 2 anniversary of the United States launched the online platform, draw attention to strong incentives and huge profit scale, lit consumers shopping enthusiasm. March 25 to 27, the United States on the line every day, the entire category of explosive section of the big spike, explosive goods area appliances, 3C, home improvement, daily Department of the audience of the 70 percent off self purchase of the day of 6. Particularly interesting is that 1000+ star shops chiefs personally help, 2 fold a merger million coupons, to celebrate the anniversary of the platform.

80 percent off 1000+ store back into the store shopping coupons grab more preferential


was established only two years, the United States online open platform has been in rapid growth in 2014, an increase of 5 times the scale of sales, merchants settled nearly ten thousand. The anniversary celebration, Home Furnishing, home health care, baby toys, food and beverage, clothing shoes and hats, beauty care, cars and other categories of thousands of gold star shops and big brother, carrying millions of coupons in the United States online open platform, giving consumers an unexpected low discount.

The Hualong department store

audience 7 fold, 815 yuan 6199 yuan red rice Note mobile phone, CASIO digital camera, into the store coupons to buy more concessions! Ling Kang HP franchise stores HP alone the profits million, only 2599 yuan, up into the store to grab 30 yuan cash coupon. In addition, the United States and the United States purchase appliances franchise stores, 368 yuan Joyoung Soybean Milk machine, into the store to grab 5 yuan cash coupon, full 500 by 50; commander of the official flagship store, the highest straight down 300 yuan, Haier commander 216 liters refrigerator three, 1899 yuan of panic buying lastingly frozen force, brought fresh life.

18 field big spike explosive products 70 percent off self purchase

in March 25 to 27, 18 large explosion models seckill turns the stage, 10 points, 12 points, 14 points, 16 points, 20 points each time seckill huge benefits, every day 6 different periods of various big grab explosion models price to grab a limited number of early early to enjoy preferential. Seckill panic buying people could not breathe, the explosion area of low value is more shocking eye. Home appliances, mobile phones, computers, cars, department stores 70 percent off wayward purchase, at the same time, Japan’s sales of thousands of very popular beauty of the refrigerator for only 1499 yuan for sale of $three, the five super energy-saving technology, leading the green low-carbon life. HUAWEI glory 6Plus mobile phone limit discount 2529 yuan, with the purchase of a coupon discount coupon more cost-effective! ASUS’s 15.6 inch notebook computer 3499 yuan, the new HsaWell open the ultimate experience.

in addition, the "mobile phone exclusive" activity area, 10 users per day landing Gome online APP panic buying, mobile phone exclusive price is also cheaper than PC, single end; "big deals", Midea, Canon, Meizu, Nike and many other home appliances, 3C digital, a big effort to help out the preferential poly department.

genuine quality assurance consumers one-stop "assured purchase"

it is understood that the United States open online platform from the establishment, on the development of a strict standardized management processes, effective platform for businesses

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