Engage in domain name investment to buy lottery tickets

found an article today, feel good, then cited to show you:

1. Lottery probability higher than the domain name: Although the probability of lottery has been very low, but the success probability of the domain name is lower. As lottery buyers, the probability of winning at least 10%, even in the middle of the 5 is, and as a lottery operator, the winning probability is not more than 5%. But now make domain name investment, why even 1% of the probability estimates are not, because now? The good domain name registered by others, he also brandish now less than.

2. The lottery lottery regularly, and the domain name is qiannianyiyu things: the media always Chaozuo Moumou domain name is XX company bought at what price, the first to be buying the domain name of the company, must be very strong to the awareness of the network, or is a famous Internet company, at the same time the company must have a lot of money, like GOOGLE acquisition www.google.cn. But every year we see a successful website, is almost a rare year out of a very rich site, almost Chinese many large websites or web sites are in the burn, they don’t have enough money to buy the domain name. Like Baidu website, in Chinese not every month, every year, need only a few years a, said Baidu is still not rich, but the Baidu Inc acquisition of www.baidu.net domain name, do not talk about prices, why you can not see the plane? Buy lottery, the lottery is every Tuesday or three stages, winning at least than high frequency domain. The famous trademark "in Shanghai City, the author has registered company name, Barilla Lin" once a few people offer 20 thousand to buy, then don’t? Don’t know what time is the lottery date


3. Buy lottery tickets without any risk, the domain name and domain name investment than smaller, there is a huge risk: if you registered the domain name is what companies in the United States, or for what a trademark or brand name if you registered the domain name is white registration, this time, I am afraid to buy lottery tickets and meet the eye everywhere, you can have what risk? The risk and buy lottery than the name of don’t know how many times, a lottery ticket 2 yuan, a domain name, 30 less than 50 a year. I still have hundreds of domain names, do not know where he can throw a hand. I’m afraid I have a trouble, because the author rob registered the domain name and the company of Shanghai City Barilla Lin world famous enterprise name pill. I’m afraid they’re going to have some lawsuits.

4. To buy lottery tickets than the name of a greater return: regardless of the winning probability and frequency and the investment cycle and the return period of speaking, the lottery is the domain name, from the investment cost into account, the lottery also much smaller than the domain name, from the results of analysis, the lottery rewards far than the name of the domain name, although what millions were broke the acquisition, but small, while the lottery return is 5 million, some time ago also made a 25 million, had produced 50 million records, "

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