Taobao is strictly prohibited sellers do two-dimensional code advertising is out of interest

yesterday, the 8.9 day, the official Taobao issued a two-dimensional code advertising management notice, notice requirements in the announcement to the seller within 1 months to get rid of images containing two-dimensional code advertising, otherwise untreated after 1 months of treatment will be penalized. Specific announcement is as follows:

dear members:

in order to protect the safety of Taobao’s consumer shopping, control transaction risk, Taobao members for the release of advertising information behavior has been in management. But in the near future, we found that the normal trading process part of the seller bypassing Taobao by using external website information containing two-dimensional picture code this new form and / or advertising information management system, and even fraud in order to achieve the purpose, had a tremendous impact on consumer protection and transaction security platform (case). This behavior is in violation of the relevant provisions of the "rules" of the Taobao spam.

in order to further protect the safety of consumer shopping, continue to enhance the consumer shopping experience, standardize the order of commodity market platform, with immediate effect we will strengthen the control of the aforementioned phenomena, specific measures are as follows:

(a) for the new image containing the chain of two-dimensional code, since the date of this announcement (August 9, 2013), will not be able to use.

(two) has been issued for the two-dimensional code containing the chain picture,

1) within 1 months from the date of this announcement (August 9, 2013 ~2013 September 9th) for the rectification period, the rectification period Taobao will gradually will contain the chain of two-dimensional code images are frozen, but not as a commodity, delete and other points processing.

2) from the date of this announcement 1 months later (September 10, 2013) for the implementation period, will be in accordance with the "rules" provisions of Taobao spam processing.


announcement just issued on someone molested, Ali action is really fast, WeChat 5 just released soon, the Taobao also requires the seller can not be released outside the chain of two-dimensional code pictures of the shop, Ali recently cut WeChat interface, and yet a notice is obvious and Tencent to do. That’s where I want to ask, Taobao’s announcement is really for the sake of the official said the buyer why Taobao prohibit sellers this behavior?.

point of view: Taobao is considered for the sake of the buyer

I said this point of view, there may be a lot of people would agree, but we change an angle to think, Taobao to the development of this powerful, partly because Taobao free shop system, this is just China conditions, Chinese is love free stuff, like antivirus 360 can have today 400 million the machine, because it is free, well, not much to say. On the other hand is taking the valuable transaction, so that both parties can establish a trust, due to the emergence of Alipay this powerful third party payment platform. So, the Taobao also said a case, the buyer through the external social networking site two >

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