Ali and Tencent social electricity supplier game

[most science and technology news] yesterday broke the news on micro-blog, so Ali and Tencent’s small partners are shocked. The message said, "Ali will be cut off from all sources of WeChat data interface". Subsequently, Ali confirmed the news to the media, Ali said: WeChat has been suspended for third party application service, the purpose is to control the risk of the Taobao deal, saying "we also see that the WeChat team recently introduced some restrictions on Taobao and Taobao WeChat goods sellers in marketing, in order to to protect the users of WeChat, which is consistent with our protection and security demands of the user experience."

this means that the dream through WeChat third party interface service to Taobao seller service provider Mengsui, announced at the same time, a large number of sellers to Taobao "Amoy" mining the new traffic entrance of the fairy tale also been torn up. Last night, and not just their sleepless nights, this is it. WeChat, WeChat and other guest around the pocket through the company attached to the WeChat open platform is Taobao swagger sellers unfaithful to husband starry, Langsha; etc. Amoy brand sellers living in the warm nest of, but have ambition, to the development of a new traffic entrance. This is not all


Tencent is urgent, while API open interface on the electricity supplier antecedents apply for manufacturing obstacles, while also accelerating the opening of WeChat deliberately plan payment interface, seek bureau own WeChat business plan. Ali is also very depressed, hand in the Amoy brand "sink" that quagmire unable to extricate themselves, on the one hand, as measured in the "micro Amoy Beida, Sina and micro-blog fit to seek new entrance electricity supplier SNS own bureau. So sensitive relationship, the two sides calm but not low-key. Tencent, WeChat has claimed around 20 million Tencent A round of financing, broke WeChat is not a marketing tool for Tencent to beautiful lies, "Amoy brand" ambition completely exposed, Taobao WeChat "open" see light suddenly, the original is false, grafting Taobao resources, do new business platform mobile terminal is really.

table below allow others feet. Taobao thought, call you a high profile, do not give you the first show on the stage after the 5 line, decisively cut off all the data from WeChat. Ali is aware of the current Taobao platform for sellers to bring pressure in the flow entrance, although WeChat platform huge user port can bring new blood into the Taobao sellers, but the fat by Sina or micro-blog this big tree to eat, and have their own "micro Amoy"


after all is said and done, the relationship is actually very simple, is the Internet gangster a dominant monopoly logic. But this layer of logic in the open and inclusive spirit of the Internet has been put on the veil of hypocrisy.

Tencent social electricity supplier under false open ambition

Tencent has been the development of these years, open spirit, after the fire of the WeChat public platform, and did not unify the API interface template, but the open platform distributed to the third party platform. Such as "WeChat"

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