Online shopping girlfriend The breakdown of online shopping in the special service

is now the era of online shopping is becoming a popular way of life, many consumers and many business transactions in the field of Internet, online shopping has also stimulated the development of some of the service industry, service oriented online shopping more and more, for many consumers to bring the gospel, recently spent 20 yuan, you can on the Internet to buy a "girlfriend", with the development of the Internet, users can not only online group purchase, even the commodity itself seckill, are becoming rich and colorful. This is more and more electricity providers to provide new ideas for the development of enterprises.

mobile girlfriend service function

"mobile phone girlfriend service is a virtual online service, service personnel to obtain virtual online services through online purchase services, these services through SMS, WeChat and other social networking tools to provide a day of virtual services to consumers, these services include early morning call, good night, listen to their complaints, work troubles, give vitality encouraged, no less than 15 messages a day and so on, but also can choose the" girlfriend "types, including Lolita, strong woman next door, and so on, these virtual services to meet the needs of some single men, to a great extent on at the same time, there have been" mobile phone boyfriend "and a series of supporting services also began to Taobao, through these service to meet the different needs of different types of groups of men and women, but these services are not in compliance with state law, Appear jurisprudence service.

mobile girlfriend to develop a dual service market

there is a market demand, "the mobile phone girlfriend service" is a new type of social networking virtual service, this service with the help of online shopping mode has preliminary development, and, according to the 58 media advertising alliance, these virtual service businesses are generally run online businesses, through the service time can open the network virtual service market, more important is to bring more traffic to these businesses, with the surge in traffic for businesses and stores to bring more popularity and sales, therefore, seemingly "mobile phone market is actually a virtual girlfriend service, is a fusion of the physical market and the virtual market. This fusion is driven by the improvement of the whole benefits, therefore, the mobile phone by girlfriend service in a large scale, is a new idea of marketing electricity supplier Road changes.

virtual marketing new ideas

in the era of electricity providers wantonly over time, more and more electricity providers began to pay attention to their online marketing service process and the process of the line, more and more business toward the O2O direction, but had little effect, bring a new aspect of virtual service such as online shopping "friends" virtual marketing online, through virtual marketing this positioning crowd will own the real economy and promotion, by bundling marketing process will be better in brand promotion of virtual marketing and marketing entities, marketing advantage this agglomeration traffic way will better show the virtual service brings, realizes the harmony development of virtual and real service providers. >

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