Jumei.com in response to what causes the trust crisis to avoid the proliferation of fake electricity

according to the Securities Daily reported that since jumei.com intends to $7 after the privatisation of /ADS, many small investors expressed great dissatisfaction with the price, and set up organization, to the two (the United States and the Cayman Islands) sued jumei.com.


however, in the face of investors at the privatization questioned, jumei.com did not respond, but to speed up the privatization process. According to jumei.com’s latest announcement shows that the company set up a special committee to assess the privatization proposal earlier, and appointed Zhao Jutao as the new director of the United States, together with Shao Xiaoheng jumei.com is responsible for the assessment of privatization issues.

it is understood that Zhao Jutao has worked nine network, rural based, papaya CFO, served as secretaries, secretaries and other positions, is currently serving as independent director of elong, eLong privatization committee.

shares from privatization process, the shares of the company received the privatization of non binding offer, need to set up the special committee and the special committee to hire an independent consultant to assess the privatization offer. In the special committee and the board of directors approved the merger agreement, the company and the consortium will also need to hold a press conference, announced to the provisions of the business combination and the expected offer, and advertising overview of an offer to buy, and then by the SEC (the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission review).

in this regard, investor rights issues organizers said Mr. Zhang, the Independent Commission was established to accelerate the privatization process of jumei.com, "we are members of the ad hoc committee called for, hope to objectively review us privatization and price".

reason for jumei.com eager to privatization, some activists told the "Securities Daily" reporter, jumei.com had led the baby tree is the dismantling of VIE structure is related to a stock market listing, investment institutions valuation reached 5 billion 200 million yuan, jumei.com invested $250 million, not treasure Baoshu largest shareholder is the second largest shareholder, the amount of investment income not cheap, want to accelerate the privatization process as soon as possible will be not at all surprising.

in addition to its low-cost privatization issues into the vortex of public opinion, companies suspected of selling fake issue also let consumers have a lot of dissatisfaction.

previously, Shanghai Ms. Li exposed used on jumei.com to buy Clinique butter to make jumei.com suffered a hitherto unknown disfigurement, the credit crisis; last year, claiming to be a former jumei.com employees of the users at the end of the world community broke the news that jumei.com sells big cosmetics from Guangdong, a professional fake copycat, the proportion is as high as 90%; recently, jumei.com due to the sale of false packaging cleaning cotton and lost.

for consumers questioning even resort to court action, jumei.com has not any positive response. The only time is jumei.com founder Chen Ou in micro-blog has issued a document called fake events mainly for lucky sunny and three party trading counterfeit merchandise authorization, customs single.

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