The lack of electricity supplier qiantumiaomang gene

with the rapid development of Internet, the network industry in the layout of the terminal can be in full swing, e-commerce era is coming. Whether it is a Jingdong, or midway mall, reached, Gome online mall, all want to occupy a space for one person in the Internet wave, fierce competition.

look ahead, because e-commerce is not a minority, its impact on traditional industries is also obvious. Suning, Gome in nearly two years continuously removed many of the high-end stores, discourse pricing of the product suppliers upstream has gradually weakened, in order to maintain its market dominance, the two giants have set up electricity supplier sales platform, to the chain business model to reshape the prosperous time tide of electronic commerce to line. But they are wrong, and wrong more thoroughly. The rapid spread of information on the Internet, the brand is much easier than the line, and short cycle, low cost, high efficiency. Blindly copy the line mode to the line, as if there is no advantage at all.

in fact, from before the first round of price war among all can see, business platform Suning’s Jingdong, with a low price promotion on the occasion of the anniversary celebration, played the family card price, is a product of three marked price fool consumers, so that consumers in the media about the last exposure to micro-blog. Above. search in Sina micro-blog, it seems that each piece has the complainant figure exists, but more than one or a consumer, what is more, a certification called Brand Manager Li Peng and a lamb Xinghui set off micro-blog consumer complaints that the complainant was the last match, dubbed the "Su Ning the door was shit". Open a brand manager and even consumer complaints and recrimination, is this

business ethics?

of course, the above is the author listed on "experience". In fact, with the continuous penetration of the Internet and related policies continue to mature, early e-commerce companies have done better in the user experience, such as Jingdong mall. You won’t see the Jingdong’s brand managers and consumers in the online match will not see a strange phenomenon, more of a product of three kinds of prices in the Jingdong mall, why is this? This is because the Jingdong has electricity supplier gene and Internet experience the accumulation of good, this is, the United States sub not more than halfway.

can be said that logistics is also a major problem plagued suning. Online shopping a commodity more than and 20 days did not receive, as a consumer, you are willing to go to the mall again next time?. Who has such a strong logistics system, it can make a commodity run to more than and 20 days, and consumers have not received. In fact, we can from Sina micro-blog search "" will understand. Yes, is the initiator of evil. Micro-blog to find customer service solution did not respond to the call to say after the sale was hung up, the consumer anger, micro-blog launched a complaint against the activities of the floor. Logistics suck, you must give the consumer.

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