Taobao era will allow C2C to have more space

from the Alibaba development strategy in recent years, notably in the importance of Tmall and ignore Taobao, from the double 11 promotion war, the Alibaba in the publicity and sales data, said Tmall’s data, Taobao gradually fade out of view, as the original Ma Dajiangshan Taobao, now his weapons.

So what is the reason for the construction of

Ali ignore Taobao, but will focus on Tmall? Obviously Tmall as a B2C platform, in fact, it is a comprehensive network of large stores, the store has a large number of manufacturers, Tmall’s service object is the manufacturer, so have a certain economic strength, in this context, Tmall’s annual harvest fee is considerable.

and Taobao, Taobao is the market basically filled with a large number of individual owner, general manager of the economic strength is not strong enough, plus a large number of management, it is also very laborious, but also not easy to be seen by consumers, many disputes involving electricity problems, basically from the C2C shop therefore, Ali’s strategy is to gradually give up the management of Taobao, but will have the strength of the individual owner gradually transferred to Tmall, so that these businesses can enjoy huge traffic on Tmall service.

Taobao era will produce second fairs

When Ali

gradually give up management of Taobao, Taobao’s owner will naturally feel no pain flow, do not go on sale, not to earn money, every day from dawn to dusk the shelves shelves, packaging and delivery, in the end still have to buy all kinds of traffic package to meet Taobao appetite for money, so now the Taobao market manager replacement rate is very high. The reason is not to make money, and a shop to rely on personal fortune Alibaba now gradually became Taobao, and left to the market will not have other business platform in


, in a sense, although the high-end businesses can bring huge profits to Ali, but as the basis of the C2C platform is the best mode of gathering popularity, if Ali abandoned the good chess, so Suning and eBay from abroad may take advantage of a weak point, of course, the Tencent may also be back, to know in C2C mode in a sense, to achieve intensive and meticulous farming in sales, so that consumers can feel another kind of pleasure consumption.

Of course, with the advent of the O2O

model, coupled with the development of B2C, the business model is actually able to replace the Taobao market this C2C model from a large extent, but if similar to the Tmall platform every year annual fee increase, so the electricity supplier advantage will gradually disappear, this is for the consumer it will inevitably recall enjoy low-priced products in the C2C business model under the fun.

thus, the strong development of Tmall, Taobao fell dejected, left to the consumer is endless emotion and nostalgia, if this caused C2C business model "

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