nternet sale of drugs deregulation of the new prescription drugs third party platform imminent

reporter Wang Zhuoming Beijing reported

in May 28th, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the Internet food and drug supervision and management approach (Draft), pharmaceutical electricity supplier circle fire again.

most pharmaceutical business enterprises to the new deal showed a positive attitude. In May 29th, recently disclosed in cooperation with WeChat Kyushu (600998) hitting the daily limit, the electricity supplier subsidiary’s good pharmacist said: "this is a good news, policy barriers look forward to breaking step by step." Yiling Pharmaceutical (002603) also think it is very good "".

, however, although the new regulatory approach for drug delivery, third party drug sales platform, prescription drugs online sales and other aspects of a new formulation, but did not give a clear solution.


, China online pharmacy Council executive vice president Ren Guang said: "as one of a number of ministries involved in Planning Commission, the people’s Insurance Department and other work, and not a drug administration say, so the implementation would be more trouble."

how to buy prescription drugs online

regulatory approach is one of the biggest highlights, it is clear that Internet drug sales units can sell prescription drugs.

this has not appeared in any previous drug administration caliber. Previously, the state of the network for the sale of drugs has been the requirements of drug sales sites may not sell prescription drugs, medical institutions may not be mailed, Internet sales of prescription drugs.

in fact, the sale of prescription drugs online has not been completely controlled. Since the food and Drug Administration approved the pharmaceutical business, most of the electricity supplier in the sales of prescription drugs in walking way. Reporters in the pharmacy network, happy people and other large electricity supplier website to buy prescription drugs, did not issue any prescription or certificate.

drug administration abandoned the ban to change put, so that the pharmaceutical electricity supplier joy. Good pharmacist, said: as early as March of this year, the company made on the prescription drugs on the relevant deployment: the construction of a comprehensive prescription drug stores, warehousing and logistics, professional pharmacists online customer service professional training. We have been recruiting professional pharmacists, by the end of the team will have about 200 people."

for the source of the prescription, however, a good pharmacist is vague. The company admitted that the current user is only based on the number of queries on the site to configure resources. Because the policy did not release, there is no natural data. We are mainly based on the total volume of the prescription drug market to determine."

is not only a good pharmacist, other electricity providers are not fully aware of how to eat online prescription drugs this piece of fat. After all, the prescription of the hospital has basically realized the electronic prescription, patients get in the hands of the past is no longer "mumbo-jumbo", but did not get the paper prescription in the hospital completed the purchase link.

electronic prescription outflow is not a food and Drug Administration said, more control >

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