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National Advertising Association (Association of National Advertisers) published in B2B magazine, the results of the study said: vendors are more through the use of social media platform to promote their products. It is not surprising that the Internet is so developed today, but we want to study how they use social media to achieve the purpose of publicity!

According to the results of

showed that about 66% of the vendors who use social media, 20% more than last year, and among these people nearly half of viral video through the way of publicity, 1/4 more than last year.

According to the survey, the following are the top four social media vendors use:

-Facebook (74%)

-YouTube (65%)

-Twitter (63%)

-LinkedIn (60%)

according to the survey in 2009 using the most effective new media platform:

– Search Engine Market (SEM) (65%)

– personal website (59%)

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 45%

"with more available media platform for sellers, the urgent need is to continue to evaluate their ability, and the most suitable for their own promotion platform to build brands, to meet performance targets to choose the" ANA CEO Bob chairman and Liodic said. "The media in the continuous development and expansion, vendors have to make more efforts, a comprehensive look at the entire available market, to create their own ideal media complex brand."

The survey shows that B2B and

mainly B2C sellers show in process of the use of social media in different characteristics, B2C more use of mobile devices and Facebook market, and B2B is LinkedIn, Twitter is more. B2C vendors account for more of the search marketing market, while B2B has more from the webinar.

for those who need to pay for social media activities, the survey results in 55% people from originally used for the traditional media budget fund turnover, 48% put money coming from other market exchange budget that turnover. Only 26% of the increase in some budget. With regard to social media, ROI and metrics are still the focus of attention!

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