Xu Jinglei fans will redeem free domain name idol denied speculation

The day before yesterday, the newspaper reported Wang Peng Xu Jinglei fans redemption xujinglei.cn, pointing to the most hits "Laoxu blog" by many users welcome. But then someone questioned her purpose is to hype themselves, and to Xu Jinglei high transfer domain name. Wang Peng said in an interview with this newspaper yesterday, this is the first time to buy a domain name, she did not engage in domain name transactions for the redemption of the domain name can be donated free of charge Xu Jinglei.

, actually the price outside the imagination of not so high, with thousands of dollars, less than half of his monthly salary. Engaged in the IT industry, she believes that young people do a thing they like. And before entering the Xu Jinglei blog domain name is too long, and now do so for themselves and the fans in the circle are good.

in the latest star CN name of the domain name registered by others, the well-known network expert Hu Gang lawyers believe that the name of the domain name registered by that star then sold is not too realistic, at the same time, the register also face legal risk, is likely to lose money trading. The name of the value of the CN domain name is put into use, the establishment of blogs, websites, etc., to make it a personal logo on the internet.        

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