will be publicly auctioned in September 26th domain name owner Guo Chunying told reporters yesterday, he will be held in September 26th Chinese the first Forum on the first public auction value of the domain name domain name, the domain name and the well-known Internet companies like Baidu

      and the general domain name sale, Guo Ying said spring in order to avoid future disputes, he plans to the company legal person and the domain name to sell packaged together, the original business will be transferred to another company. For the price of the domain name, Guo Chunying refused to disclose his heart price, said the auction depends on the situation.

      Guo Chunying said that he has a company called "Shanghai Baidu decoration materials," the company, in 2000, registered the domain name He stressed that he is not a domain name investors, did not sell other domain names, Shanghai Baidu decorative materials company has a physical business.

      Guo also said repeatedly claiming the Baidu Inc or on behalf of Baidu and he talked about the purchase, but because of price reasons not tanlong, he hopes the public auction for a good price. In this regard, Baidu Inc said no comment.

      it is reported that the value of the domain name Chinese forum will be held at the same second domain name auction, the organizers said there will be more than and 30 quality domain names to participate in the auction, including, and etc. the digital domain name and domain name spelling, easy to remember. (commissioning editor admin01)

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