How much is your website worth

The acquisition of personal website advertising in logout, every day there are dozens of owners to contact our personal websites on the situation of the judge is correct. In some cardiac site negotiation process, the most difficult is the webmaster general lack of concept of value of the site, but also affected some Adsense legend too deep, price expectations often ironic. So think of writing an article about personal website pricing and understanding, we learn, in order to reduce the time cost of consensus.

because just started site acquisition business, we are lack of practical experience, many ideas and practices are wrong, welcome webmaster friends.

the same thing in different market environment, different value. Before we discuss the value of the site, we must first analyze the market situation.

many webmaster in exclamation now money was more difficult than before. In addition to policy factors (such as SP), there is a general trend in the impact, which is now more and more people to produce ip. We all know that a lot of goods, such as microwave ovens, due to the large number of production and prices plunged, quickly entered a low profit era, many manufacturers are hard to survive. This is the inevitable law of the market economy, people are always running to the high profits, until the market oversupply, into the era of meager profit. The total amount of online advertising is in the rapid expansion, but IP production growth faster, the inevitable decline in the price of ip. Flow increases, reduce efficiency, more than 35 bucket of the story is taking place in the webmaster body.

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