Entrepreneurship is suicide ten classic case attracted 200 million venture capital wealth to teach y

for many people, "no business is dead, entrepreneurship is". Indeed, many people in the exploration of early start, facing a lot of pressure and challenges, confusion and risk, but some people can not only through the idea for a product or service, is to obtain huge profits, and even get on 100 million yuan of investment. Dark horse brother for you is from business investment network ten wealth case, teach you how to attract venture capital in 200 million.

1, "digital dressing" attracted more than 200 million venture capital

Chen Fuyun: wealth wealth: Chongqing

Chen Fuyun of Chongqing for the garment industry to think of a name for "digital dressing" intelligent internet marketing mode, help them to realize the "quotas", greatly reduce the backlog of inventory, which led to a British venture company 20 million pounds (equivalent to 222 million yuan) upfront investment.

in the fitting shop of Chen Fuyun, an intelligent terminal for two seconds to complete the accurate measurement of the customer body four thousand and eight hundred coordinates, and the synthesis of personalized clothing according to customer requirements. Before the order, through a wide six meters, three meters high high-definition video simulation system, the effect of the customer can try to display like a mirror.

2, Nanjing guy to foreigners retail knowledge

wealth wealth: Huang Peng: Jiangsu


Nanjing guy Huang Peng through the Internet to foreign companies and individuals to provide remote services, open up a wealth of the sky. He called his business model "retail knowledge to foreigners."".

two hours, seven years, from the master graduate of University of Southern California, Huang Peng home business. He found the foreign company’s human cost is very high, many office chores have begun to developing countries but subcontracting subcontracting, most large companies, many small businesses in Europe and the United States also want to reduce costs. So, he created a small and medium sized enterprises for foreign service website, order to software design, website design, CAD design, maintenance, sales and other financial data analysis, to the telephone booking car. Now, Huang Peng’s customers have more than 10 thousand, the list is mostly tens of thousands of dollars.

3, professional tutor website Q & a big money

Wealth: Nick Kilsyros and Sean mickles Wealth: USA

two hours, six years, twenty-four year old Nick Kilsyros and Sean mickles founded "student millionaire" website. After registering on this site, you can paste the problem on the site, and marked the price is willing to pay, and then wait for the experts to answer for you, or by the site is responsible for looking for a tutor can answer. When the problem is solved, the student rich website to extract 18% of the transaction amount as a commission.

now, the average price of $15 per tutorial on the site, the annual revenue of the site up to millions of dollars.

4, "super"

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