Taobao customers with the brand to do CPS


– is not a new topic, in view of a lot of Wangzhuan forum Taobao guest also is worth doing There were many discussions. People questioned, many Taobao customers, customers think Taobao spread, continue to do what no future. For many owners, such as stations, even the wheel is too awesome, it lost a part of loyal Taobao customers.

can I do Taobao today? I think it’s worth it. Taobao customers in general is a good platform for the union. But at present the Taobao customer question, I can understand most of the webmaster have not found a mature method to operate, the operation flow is no longer suitable for the parrot.

There are a lot of Taobao

master guest Wangzhuan, today to share with you, do Taobao customer brand keywords blog. Prior to doing some marketing planning for some Taobao owners, and found that they are a product of Taobao customers actually can be removed from their home every month more than 7000 yuan Commission, and income is very stable. How to do, only rely on a brand blog. Today, his Taobao guest way to sort out, so that they understand how to use the blog to create a brand blog, to obtain sustainable revenue.

because of a similar blog on the Internet has been part of the election of a case that they think is good.

1 how to choose Taobao guest merchant

first, the blog content requires a lot of original, so from their familiar products, I believe, no matter what you are familiar with, there are a large number of similar sellers on Taobao as your backing.

secondly, the choice of Taobao customers, the daily sales have a minimum requirement, look at the evaluation is how much every day, the basic credibility is at least a few crown, it is best Taobao mall. Willing to pay to do Taobao advertising company is worth a long time in the afternoon. Many shopkeepers C2C hard how to escape the Taobao customer commission, ah, this thing happened a lot. For example, some cosmetics store in the early advertising, promised to raise the commission does not fall, such a big brand business, do not care how much promotion costs, as long as there are sales, willing to invest.

is the brand awareness, this is very critical. How to check, the simple method is to see how the brand Baidu index, then release the amount of business information query Baidu, Google, if there are a lot of people are talking about the brand, so it is suitable to do the brand blog.

for example, look at the number of fluttering dragon.



can see that some of the successful blog has been in operation, of course, more related to the market waiting for you to explore.

2 website content maintenance

content is the core of the site, our business blog can not do without this. Do CPS is the core of the

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