Working days for Google Adsense

Google Adsense China entered the market for three years, the high price is the webmaster of prestige, is advertising alliance choice. Mainland China do not know how many owners in the GG ad service, with the author of a friend’s words: we are working for the gg".

yes, we do work for the GG, the original GG ad is to do their own work, in the end is still working for others, like a restaurant, but this time to eat buffet. If you are at home every day is full, if you are using the spare time that I was Google Adsense part-time, part-time, a hard, and then suffer a big part of the reckless with greed.

The GG ad review by

a year ago, was awarded the account, that is to say I agree with the "part-time" status, and then burn the midnight oil for the GG service, although hard, but most willing to. After half a year, my efforts, finally recognized GG spending, with a boss from California sent a note of joy shows between the lines. The boss found a loophole in the terms of a inadvertently, dunqi greed, bet on heavier weights. Ha, the boss not only did not find loopholes, also as a single hair. Gamble again? Why not? The final result can be imagined, GG boss eyes how to rub the sand, I can no longer work for him.

Google, now the day is not easy, the stock plummeted, and the company began a global layoffs. Adsense full-time and part-time webmaster to remember not to offend the boss, do not try to cheat, do not try to find the boss of the loopholes, do not make unnecessary sacrifices. Can not be tainted, even if only once.

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