China Mobile’s latest policy, SP owners will face a huge test

China Mobile held an emergency conference call on July 4th, released the latest policy, the introduction of the new policy will have a huge impact on the company’s business, please read carefully the provincial companies, timely adjustment of marketing programs. Move the file contents are as follows: first of all, customized business Monternet (including SMS, MMS, WAP) before formal charges for the two time to remind the customer to do the confirmation time identified two, customers can use free services, specific procedures are as follows: 1, customized after immediately ordering relationship SMS confirmation remind, inform the service charges, fees and unsubscribe, for a monthly time at 0:00 on the twenty day to twenty-four, the customer first order business month free information fee. Order time at 0:00 on the end of the month to twenty-one per month for the first time the customer order and free business month monthly fee information. To remind the confirmation 2, twenty-one per month to twenty-five days for all new users of the total order, inform the customer as this month next month is not charging unsubscribe. The deadline for full quantity order relation extraction is twenty days and twenty-four hours. 3 month, a monthly ticket at 0:00 on the trigger. 4, all of the above to confirm the message to confirm the use of the 10086 service code

two, implementation plan:

1, July 10th start business experience more at ease using the new business process, for the month of the new user ordering reminder.

2, at the same time, to remind users to carry out the full amount of the old order, plan in 8 and September.

3 provinces in order the relationship between abnormal mobile comprehensive verification and cleaning, such as no WAP order relationship, GPRS traffic only records without order order order relations Never mind recorded use of records, order relations in MISC.

4, the total ordering reminder before the mobile user will arrange a silent cleanup work:

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