A grassroots readme try to see the future direction from the road

for a long time did not write the article, remember that it is half a month ago, the forum warned Chen because it is a new personal record, then the record number will be canceled, then the site has been closed, the result is half a month of silence…… That is the silence, is not entirely right, because new sites are born! Of couse, the new Chen now to write the article, it proves that the new struggle began today! Don’t want to talk about anything else, just want to express your feelings, because back new Chen inadvertently, see these years the road……


remember that it was a high school term, the new Chen has a laptop of their own, the first penguin or cousin gave me, and then was fascinated…… Oh, now think of it at that time really good innocence, no politics, no black hat, no cheating, no matter, feel very beautiful! And then as time goes on, the high school has experienced a Taobao store, abandon Taobao stores history; a first turning point, selling mobile phone for college students the card, then fire, will be the first pot of gold; second turning point is the second, contact the Internet, feel very interesting, then is the flower of ultra low price got a static website, it just put a poem, I feel a great sense of accomplishment, ha ha, you do not laugh at the new God of chen…… Then it is a hair can not be collected, and slowly began my journey of Internet entrepreneurship……

so far, a total of dozens of new Chen has built dozens of sites, with a domain name of nearly twenty, has been trying, has been in practice, verification of one after another of the Internet industry…… A man told me: baby, don’t do what the Internet, the Internet has already been guies melon clean, you are peace of Study hard, so after graduation to find a good job, then happiness dull live! I was silent, I think, if the when I heard his words, Study hard in high school, and then admitted to a good university, and finding a good job is not easy, so, light of heart from care, it will be a wonderful life! But now I do? An ordinary university, the day is full of key words, SEO thinking of the Internet and other things, life is hard, to build a website, and then another one ended in failure, not because of money management, because there is no management experience, it is because there is no interest, but Now think about it, really do not want to give up because the end! Oh, that is, along the way, a bumpy road, a road of struggle, to see countless people from the side of success, witnessed numerous grass root counter attack, but I am still me, Chen is still new, will only become is a passion, some more experience, I think, just enough! Spend some money to buy some time, these experiences experience, value! As a webmaster you agree with


some people say, why is it? Is used to spend, and then to pay homage to the new youth; Chen think youth is passion, is the struggle.

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