Jiaxing home network peer cultivate flexible market business

fresh electricity supplier in the field, there is still a chance for the latecomers based on the local Jiaxing can be a home network is worth learning from the case. More than a year on the line, has been in constant exploration and adjustment stage, from the initial online supermarket to today’s fruit distribution, can slowly find the home network force point.


rise of fresh electricity supplier, is guiding the further change in the form of mass consumption. In this field, I bought the food network, SF preferred, original life has become a star, but do fresh investment, high requirements, strong localization, which means between the bigwigs of the moment it is difficult to reach the small city.

blank is also an opportunity, so in some of the more economically developed two or three tier cities, some focus on local life shopping sites springing up, the first swallow this little cake".

Jiaxing home network is such a "little kid", a green hand of fruits and imported snacks and distribution in Jiaxing City, launched more than a year, has been in continuous exploration and adjustment stage, from the initial online supermarket to today’s fruit distribution, it slowly found the force point.

"I want to make it a localized life service platform." Founder of the site Yu Xin confidently said confidently.

small boat U-turn

as a three line city, Jiaxing urban population of only about 300000, although the scale, but is located in Hangzhou, the more developed economy, the development of electronic commerce also earlier, the birth of the wheat bags Amoy brand.

June 2012, Yu Ling built their own homes can be formally launched on the net. The positioning of home network is the beginning of a city is also selling online supermarket, the supermarket can buy things, provide convenience for the city in the Indoorsman are Indoorswoman.

Yu Ling partner by gallium and principal of 50 thousand yuan start empty-handed, you can’t afford, single handedly the purchase, customer service, distribution etc.. In the first few months, they did not do anything to promote, know that people can be very few home network, even after a few times to do bus advertising, the effect is not good. After all, in addition to door-to-door, they have no obvious competitive advantage.

accidentally, Yu Ling gallium in micro-blog sees someone @ 19 floor Jiaxing ask where to sell "milk", there was no such drinks on the market in Jiaxing, so he finally came in from the field of searching, a batch of goods, spread through social media such as micro-blog, this product can sell fire, house net users have been spread rapidly in the middle.

do online snack supermarket, demand is not large, the profit margin is not high". On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, he can feel after thinking, home network must be changed in order to survive, and think of the new year to send fruit "this idea, so from the local fruit wholesale market into dozens of boxes of cherries, did not expect a sold, better than expected. So you can start to do the transformation of the home network fruit distribution, snacks are also reduced to the range of imported snacks.


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