Yiqifa Mingtang computer CPS activity was on the line.


Hello everyone!

Mingtang computer CPS Yiqifa grandly landing! Mingtang computer by Mingtang Technology Co produced by the founder and founder, production and service brand of computer products, ensure first-class quality and first-class service, greater emphasis on product personality, fashion, and experience.

activity Commission:

model brand Commission

5V1U-511A are computer 90 yuan /

5V2U-531A are computer 180 yuan /

5V-511A are computer 180 yuan /

945G-p4 are computer 70 yuan /

G3-2140 are computer 90 yuan /

G3-4400 are computer 120 yuan /

G9-3500 are computer 40 yuan /

N5-4400 are computer 80 yuan /

K8-1999 are 25 yuan /

computer Mingjheng

activity period is:

December 11, 2007 – December 10, 2008

settlement cycle: monthly settlement

data returned as: real time

December 11, 2007

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