From entry to the master how Wangzhuan earning 100 knife

himself is free Wangzhuan civilian occupation, mainly the use of spare time to do part-time network money for 3 years, earned 100 thousand yuan. The following is a personal experience to share with you.

personally think that the network to make money to have the following conditions:

1, interest, interest is the best teacher;

2, with a computer, and can access the Internet (non local area network);

3, a certain amount of time every day to the Internet;

4, disposition is patient;

5, it is better to understand a little English or to be able to control the English software tools.

does not advocate is:

1, no patience, no time;

2, abandon the job intention full-time do Wangzhuan;

here to the special explanation, because the network money uncertainty more, don’t you do Wangzhuan full-time, part-time do Wangzhuan well, then consider full-time.

What is the most suitable person to do Wangzhuan


, 1 college students, college students generally have their own computer, too much spare time, while playing the game do not earn " " outside the block;.

2, Internet cafe boss. The server is not allowed to play, idle is idle, he put an ad, while managing the side to earn extra money.

3, Internet cafe administrator. Get to the boss, also some are happy. On the machine that no one uses, the income is considerable.

4, each network management. Don’t talk about the truth.

5, investors in the Internet stocks. Fry, Wangzhuan two. The stock market closed is not boring? Do Wangzhuan, no rest!

6, the company’s own computer staff. Don’t get angry boss on the line, the spare time at home do wangzhuan.

7, in Internet cafes, can persuade the boss networm. Internet cafes to install the next run, equal to the Internet does not spend money. However, do not forget to leave the exit, or leakage of personal information.

8, unemployment at home. Employment is becoming more and more serious, for people who do not work for the time being, the network is a good choice to make money.

9, interested in online entrepreneurs. The biggest advantage of the network is not limited by time and space, with the global market, can be 24 hours of business, with computer technology and foreign language foundation is critical.

my idea is: money, money money is the primary email, surfing Wangzhuan novice must do, to lay a good foundation, and then to make registration (Registration money is whether you can become a watershed in the master, PTP Wangzhuan) money and other intermediate Wangzhuan development, accumulated experience through a variety of investment money, and finally he open the station. It must be pointed out that no matter what type of

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