EBay, Taobao, Pat C2C market, the king of war

Ma Yun once eBay and taobao.com such: "eBay is a shark in the ocean, I is a crocodile in the Yangtze River. If we fight in the ocean, I would lose, but if we fight in the river, I win." In the electronic commerce industry, "shark" and "crocodile" struggle for many years, and like Ma said that in four years eBay eBay, eBay eBay to become a victim of the multinational Internet Co in China "headquarters control" strategy under the The climate does not suit one.

thin Ma, eBay does not seem to be expected "a little weight", plan the bleed out expectations of taobao.com after the fall, eBay overwhelmed "dump" eBay, when Taobao triumphantly to do a "countrified website", the situation seems to be complex, patted by the destroyer the attitude turned out.

so, in the domestic C2C market, has evolved into a stalemate with the fighting 3 wolves……

founder: the network version of the "

" The Legendary Swordsman

marketing Mister behavior and mental models can generally be divided into two categories, one is a passionate or emotional type; the other is rational. The former is a peasant uprising with the spirit of anti rationalism.

was founded in 1999 after China eBay network economy crazy and silence, occupy the market share of 70%, and has a good brand and user base, resulting in the Chinese network eBay eBay store occupied the absolute advantage. However, the new Taobao with "free" and "Alipay" two teeth, eBay’s share continues to erode, eventually defeated eBay eBay, during the confrontation with the United States local wisdom thinking, is very interesting.

Shao Yibo: pioneer and martyr only one step

Shao Yibo has called a prodigy, high declined Shanghai Jiao Tong University helicopter opportunity, Chinese is a full scholarship to Harvard undergraduate first, but after a number of companies paid the temptation, back to the mainland business. In August 1999, eBay founded in Shanghai, just returned home, Shao Yibo speaks English better than chinese. Against the "false foreign devil" is suspect, Shao Yibo insisted that his habit of thinking "is the most Chinese method is less than half the American way". In actual work, Shao Yibo not only did not do "is the most Chinese method is less than half the American way", more completely subvert his original plan, the actual operation is "small is China method, most of the American way", this is his development in a minefield.

2002, Chinese Internet has not been out of the winter, only eBay exclusive glory, the average monthly turnover of the computer and network products more than 10 million yuan, the number of buyers distributed throughout the country a total of more than 100 thousand people. At the time, Shao Yibo was full of passion: "I hope that in the next three to five years, we will be able to make eBay China’s largest commercial street, when the volume of eBay and Wangfujing, Nanjing

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