Ding Xiangyuan Li Tiantian from the northeast to the South

Ding Xiangyuan: from the northeast to the South

Li Tiantian to Hangzhou because there are like-minded people willing to jump in and start a business together.


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in Sina micro-blog, Feng Dahui is a top of the long-term "clove doctor found health", open the link is an article to his blog, the creation of underlying "clove community doctor". His identity is the quality of CTO, and now with a: "a chronic disease".

2006, Lilac Garden founder Li Tiantian moved from Harbin to Hangzhou, and Zhang Jin and the formation of the iron triangle of Zhou Shuzhong, Lilac Garden began commercial operation. In 2010 he joined the Feng Dahui, business circle reds, former Alipay data architect, famous expert in Oracle, but not by conventional card, "dedicated to medical career". This time he was quite serious: responsible for the launch of the App "drug DXY assistant" as a propaganda; in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, and build single-handed contract "Lilac doctor".

"a huge harvest in Hangzhou is to join the DXY big Hui," Li Tiantian sighed. In fact, Li Tiantian to Hangzhou because there are like-minded people willing to jump in business together, from Zhang Jin, Zhou Shuzhong, to their angel investors, Manhattan capital group partner Wang Jin, and later Feng Dahui. Prior to this, this is a strong academic atmosphere of professional forums, far from the company’s operation.

, in fact, I would like to tell other friends of the venture, the initial stage of the business on the location of this problem do not have to think too much, where to live, the development of the back can move, or set up offices. The most important factor is actually the person." Li Tiantian said.

left Harbin

settled in Hangzhou, is the use of Li Tiantian in 2004, in the holiday in 2005, especially in the eastern coastal cities to find a circle results. From Beijing, Ji’nan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, the last stop is Shenzhen.

he was in Beijing Union Medical college. To have a choice between reading and management to Lilac Garden, he has been inclined to the latter, just a way to visit you senior moderator, you have any suggestions for our future, is registered as a NGO or completely commercialized, while looking for entrepreneurial city.

startups how important? In fact, so Li Tiantian had suffered.

his first venture was in Harbin. When Ding Xiangyuan was founded in 2000, it was just a personal web site to help you search for medical literature. In 2002 he founded an English training company, when a pair of five foreign teachers in small classes in Harbin is a new concept, the profit is considerable. Later, the police station, the government staff to find a pull relationship, bring their children to learn free

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