Discussion on the factors of Google Advertising price

first stated that the Google advertising price algorithm is confidential. You don’t have to ask anyone. No one knows.

Google advertising prices and a variety of factors. For example: the visitor’s geographical location, access time, whether to bring benefits to advertisers, the content of your site, etc..

Google advertising price is several times or even several times the domestic advertising, in the current domestic advertising is not good to do the case, Google advertising is not ideal choice that

do not make money to apply for a specific, try to know.

advertising price:

1, AdSense Content for (regular station strongly recommended)

is doing the most click ads, through the user point of advertising revenue. Chinese advertising is usually $0.10 per click (the price is in general, the actual price is subject to the above factors). English advertising is $0.20 per click.

2, AdSense Search for (regular station strongly recommended)

varies from a few cents to a dollar.

3, recommend

Google AdSense (a strong advertising fund website is strongly recommended) if you through the launch of Google AdSense registered publisher in the registration within 180 days after the US$5.00 income, we will pay you to US$5.00. If the publisher within 180 days after the registration of a US$100.00 income, and have the eligibility to accept payment, we will pay you an additional US$250.00. If in any period of 180 days, introducing a 20 publishers, and these publishers have gained more than US$100.00 income and possess the qualifications to receive payments, you will get a US$2000.00 bonus.


Google AdWords (a strong advertising fund website is strongly recommended) if you through the launch of Google AdWords registered advertisers in the registration within 90 days after spending US$5.00 (not including the registration fee of US$5.00), we will pay you to US$5.00. We will pay you an extra US$40.00 if the advertiser spends 90 days after the registration of US$100.00. If you are in a period of 180 days, you recommend a total of more than $20, and each of these customers has spent more than US$100.00 of the cost of the registration within the next 90 days, you will get US$>

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