The story of me and the nternet for so many years

this is from where said, from the start I just contact the Internet, that year is 1998 (the water level of Songhua River flood home up the highest of the year), a summer vacation just graduated from primary school to junior high school, primary school 6 years has been mediocre, unknown to the public, junior high school exam exam a eleventh to the present impression is very deep, I was teaching the teacher praised me a few words makes me happy for a long time, after all, has never been such a ranking, in the domestic education achievement is very important in the past, even now also slightly eased some.

learning good or bad in the eyes of parents will see you get more points, when the performance is not bad, should belong to the middle way, every Chinese New Year and he was very upset, but the elders asked the results, because the result is not good, always give me once had a great psychological burden and impact! My parents are more traditional people in the north, I was born in a town in the north, down every examination is always afraid to say, my parents would say who’s child, who’s the result is good, look at the way you learn! Now in retrospect it is a wrong education the way of family, the end of which parents know the correct way to educate their children, lack of information, it is difficult living conditions, are struggling for life, the people around is so


this year the flood receded, I returned to my home town, go to junior high school, the home side only a middle school, the flood let everybody was panic, my mother and grandmother and three uncles old uncle sister to two uncle home to hide the flood, my dad did not go that is, if the water that went to the roof to live, these things still impresses me, when in junior high school, the town opened a cafe 10 yuan a few computer 4 hours above installation a lot of stand-alone games, now also installed OICQ QQ Tencent Inc, flowers 2 yuan of money to play for half an hour, did not do anything else in the cafe owner under the guidance of the registration of the first QQ remember is 6 digits, did not know the value of number QQ had forgotten, in 1998 November, the Tencent Inc in the deep Shenzhen founded the company launched QQ now is an imitation of the originator of ICQ was more than 500 shares today to win shares of the giant, the second year high school computer course, then the teacher taught us the Dos command, remember that it would take a 3.5 copy of a disk above the super Marie game played awfully Dos, to learn a few commands like copy is excited for a long time, feel very magical, the school’s computer for a long time is broken at the time, that year, although Microsoft launched Win98 operating system the school has not updated in a timely manner, in the twinkling of an eye to the beginning of the three, in 2000 of that year, my uncle owed him money not to do business to use a computer at the top account dial-up slow death, download a QQ for several hours, of course, also a lot of Internet access fees, this year is to go to high school now Think of it a little regret, muddleheaded.

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