Wang Yuezhang webmaster do CPS way to make money

I have a little traffic site, also hundreds of IP, but the site of the original intention is to make money, the form of the site is also called garbage station, to attract businesses to advertise is unlikely, then do advertising alliance, do more fire CPC, but a few hundred traffic station do CPC a day but also over 20 pieces of money, even on the relatively high price of the GG alliance, it is difficult to. Do CPA, the alliance will buckle, of course, there are some tricky middlemen. CPM do it, pop everywhere, too affect the user experience, although it is a garbage station, not too many customers, even if the user is not offensive, not long, will also encounter the search engine will be right even K station.

believe that read the above paragraph of text, you must have had a similar distress. So how can we make money? This question is a bit big, of course, different types of sites and different traffic sites is to choose their own advertising, and even a variety of advertising collocation, even the choice of location, will have different results.

maybe you will find that the text above, except when it comes to CPS, this form of advertising in some special, this form can distinguish several ways, such as Taobao customers, independent Alliance (such as VANCL (such as JJ), the league game game). Taobao is by selling Taobao goods, businesses pay a certain percentage of extension staff of the Commission, the Commission website 5%~35% range; VANCL alliance is a website where the union official development operation, each small website by hanging advertising where customers earn commissions, commissions in approximately 15%; in addition to the JJ Game Alliance, the main website promotion game, game player registration and recharge can get the Commission, the commission rate is 50%, or very rich, but the profit cycle is 1 years. As we all know, the Internet is the most profitable game industry, so many owners have started fishing in this industry.

the first to talk about Taobao, many people may say, Taobao does not make money off, yes, maybe you do not earn money, but people earn money at someone, a few of my friends know that Taobao off the super game player. We have a lot of time to make money, not Taobao bad, but we did not choose the right way, did not do a good job promotion. There are some people do not have the site, but also to do a good job of Taobao customers, perhaps you do not know.


Taobao is looking for a guest, or buy a set of source code from the Internet, a space and domain name, the website will pass up on the opening, followed by SEO, do some optimization to other Forum promotion articles, to attract users to the site, the final part of the user to buy. This Taobao guest program seems to be some flooding, most of the site is almost exactly the same style. It’s hard to make a brand. But such a proper site promotion, can also give us the webmaster to earn pocket money. How to promote Taobao customers do not have the site to make money? Taobao customers in the background can get the promotion of the link, as long as it is through this link to achieve the purchase will have a commission

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